Sunday, January 11, 2015

Robert Widdifield's extortion charges

Last month we reported that Nanaimo Hells Angel Robert Widdifield was convicted of theft and extortion. Well here's a court document a blog reader sent in that describes what happened.

Widdifield's co accused was another full patch Hells Angel Rajinder Singh Sandhu, which is one of the first brown guys we've heard of getting their patch. Normally the HAs are very racist and just use Indo Canadains like Randy Naicker or Rob Sidhu who kiss their ass for puppet clubs to sell drugs but will never give one a real patch. This case is a clear exception.

The decision states that the Crown's allegation, is that the defendants hatched a plot to strong‑arm the complainant into handing over money and property to which they had no right or lawful claim, including a 37‑foot Bayliner yacht called Dream Chaser, which was taken from the complainant and sold by Sandhu.

Widdifield is a founding member of the Nanaimo Hells Angels. Before that he apparently belonged to the Satan's Angels. The Vancouver chapter of which was highlighted in the book the Devil's Butler which I referred to in depth in chapter seven of my eBook. Sandhu has been a full patch member of the Nanaimo Hells Angels for 15 years.

According to the complainant, he and Sandu worked together in the drug trafficking business. The complainant is not a member of the Hells Angels, but he has a long association with it through Widdifield. For many years prior to this incident, the two men maintained a close friendship. Widdifield was the best man at the complainant's wedding. They were involved in a succession of businesses together, including a concrete‑pouring company, a small manufacturing plant that produced a machine called the Big Red Shredder, and a public house and surrounding acreage in Qualicum Bay called the Crown & Anchor. In 2007 they went their separate ways.

There was an old $62,000 debt from the early /90's from a person called Kelly Crooks. There is no mention if he was ever involved with he HAs. He paid $500 a month for six years until Kelly Crooks moved away with no forwarding address. He had paid about half the money back with no interest. In early 2000 an independent debt collector contacted him claiming he owned the debt and the complainant said he would not deal with him just the person he owed the money to. Nothing was heard about it until 2010 when Sandu and the Hells Angels got involved who raised the amount owing to $100,000.00.

The complainant has always denied that he used the Club's name in his dealings with Crooks, but he also knew that the Club sometimes issued “stupid taxes” of this sort and that denying the supposed underlying offence would be useless. He knew from the beginning that the matter was serious and that if dire consequences were to be avoided, he was going to have to pay up. He did not have the ready cash to satisfy the Club's demands, but he had the Bayliner yacht Dream Catcher purchased in 2007 for $137,500. He handed over the boat and thought he was square with the club. Until they wanted more. After handing over the boat they said he now owed $160,000. This is how the Hells Angels do business. They are liars, cheats and thieves.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Sandhu and the complainant used to sell drugs together for the Hells Angels. Widdifield and the complainant were old friends. They were in many business endeavors together. Widdifield was the complainant's best man at his wedding. Until years later he saw the opportunity to shaft him and rip him off. Obviously David Giles isn't the only POS in that organization. They all are. They are all out for themselves to make money and shaft everyone else just like how Spike shafted Ernie. No L&R there. Just b*tches and thieves.


  1. Robin Baird is a former employee of the Attorney General that also has a reputation of being liars cheats and thieves. We have no information that Baird was is or was a liar, cheat or thief but we have a load of documents that proves the Ministry of the Attorney General of British Columbia has been infiltrated by organized crime

  2. Love the waterwarcrimes site though it is monitored sort of like the pigs are monitoring me thnx to the informant w.curry
    Team Freddie vs Baird in a few years....


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