Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Off-duty police officer charged with assault and unlawful confinement

The VPD and CBC are reporting that an off-duty Vancouver Police officer has been arrested for allegations of assault and unlawful confinement in Maple Ridge. The woman filed a report with the Ridge Meadows RCMP on Friday, saying that she had been the victim of a domestic assault.


  1. If 3 drunken cops (one of them a "use of force" instructor at the academy) can beat and rob a newspaper deliveryman, be found guilty and get absolute discharges so they can continue being cops, what are the odds this will be any different?

    Prove me wrong......

    1. Correction, conditional discharges, for what difference that makes. It still means that after a certain period (5 years IIRC) their record will automatically be expunged. I wonder what the outcome of Mr. Khan's lawsuit against the two officers was.......

  2. Indeed. That New West use of force trainer is still with the force after that?

  3. Nope. But it's because he resigned, not because he was fired, and it took him almost a year after he was convicted to do it.

    "According to a New Westminster Police Department statement, not all matters involving Klassen have been resolved. Under the Police Act, the NWPD has to finish its investigation and report its findings and recommendations to the police complaint commissioner. "What the NWPD can confirm is that the decision on resignation was made by Mr. Klassen and no financial incentive or package was offered or given to him by the NWPD in return for his resignation," said the statement.

    "Jeffrey Klassen was found guilty of assault, given a conditional discharge, a year probation and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. In April 2011 the New Westminster Police Board discontinued Klassen's pay. He had been suspended with pay when criminal charges were laid."

    "Sergeant Gary Weishaar, spokesman for New Westminster police, said a Police Act investigation into Constable Klassen's conduct is ongoing. The officer was on paid suspension during his trial, but two weeks after he was convicted the New Westminster department discontinued his pay. The Police Act investigation could result in further discipline.Judge Werier said Constable Klassen has already paid a steep price for the incident - he's lost thousands of dollars in income and been responsible for his legal expenses. She said the officer has received threats from members of the public and been diagnosed with clinical depression. Constable Klassen appeared subdued inside the courtroom. After the sentence was announced, the Crown prosecutor wished him luck and reached out to shake the police officer's hand. Constable Klassen refused."


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