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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Len Peltier and the spike in Yukon murders

CBC is reporting that the "Yukon has seen eight homicides in the last 12 months - an unusually high level of violence for the territory." Many are concerned that it is tied to the BC drug trade.

Adam Cormack's dead body was found June 28, 2017 on the Alaska Highway northwest of Whitehorse. Edward James Penner from Prince George was charged in his murder and has a history of violence. We all know the Hells Angels run the drug trade in Prince George.

Langley Times reported that "The RCMP seizure of weapons, drugs and cash during a March 16 2015 raid that targeted several locations in the Yukon has a strong connection to Langley." They found 856 gear which implicated Len Peltier. June 2015 Len Peltier was named and arrested with regards to a drug bust tied to the 856 in Whitehorse along with 26-year-old Jason Wallace.

Jason Wallace was the one who shot dead Lenny's cousin the mighty Bob Green because Jason didn't want to take the fall for Lenny again like everyone else has done in the past.

It is somewhat ironic that the spike in Yukon murders occurs right after Len Peltier shows up selling cocaine. My sources tell me Lenny is still working for the club. A new patch member has been assigned to work with him in Bob Green's place. If you want to stop the violence, stop cutting deals with Len Peltier and convict him. Lenny is the root of the problem.

The most offensive murder in that list involves Missing Women Advocate Wendy Carlick who was murdered right before she testified at the Missing Women's Inquiry in Whitehorse.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Bob Green's murderer denied parole already

Dr Kim is reporting that Jason Wallace, Len Peltier’s co accused who shot Bon Green dead with his own gun in 2016 because he wouldn’t take the fall for Lenny again, was recently denied parole. WTF? How can you have a parole hearing four years after murder? Manslaughter my ass. Dr Spin referring to a drug fueled party is a misdirection. Dr Spin claiming Shaun Clary had anything at all to do with Bob Green’s murder was a bold faced lie on behalf of the BCCFSEU.

DR Spin rightfully reported that Wallace was a member of the HA-aligned 856 gang. Wallace sold drugs for the Hells Angels with and under the direction of Len Peltier, Bob Green’s weasel cousin. The biggest tragedy in this case was that Wallace killed Bob Green instead of Len Peltier.

“The Parole Board of Canada ruled recently that Jason Francis Wallace’s release from prison would leave the community at-risk because the bikers might retaliate for the fatal shooting of Bob Green in October 2016.” No kidding. That one would be understandable. This argument is what police always use to trap someone into becoming a police informant. Nevertheless, in this case that argument is indisputable. As soon as Wallace is released from prison, he is dead.

No doubt the compromised BC Gang Task force want Wallace to join Donnie McWhirter’s rat pack who lie about rivals for them in court to help the Hells Angels maintain their monopoly on the drug trade. Wallace made a mistake by killing Bob Green and nothing he can do will ever make it right. Yet no matter what our past, we have a spotless future. Wallace can do something positive to prevent this from happening again by testifying against Peltier so that no one has to take the fall for for that weasel again.

The question is, will the compromised BC Gang task force let him do it? It looks like they have already let Peltier slide on the drug charges because Lenny is ratting out his own peeps like he always has done to stay out of prison. I believe in law and order. That’s why I believe in rooting out police corruption to make that possible. Where there is no justice, there will be no peace.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Len Pelletier busted

Well well well Len Pelletier has finally been named and busted for cocaine trafficking though the 856. The Vancouver Province is reporting that "Drug charges have been laid against two Langley men alleged to be senior members of the so-called 856 gang. The province’s anti-gang unit says 48-year-old Leonard Pelletier and 26-year-old Jason Wallace were among three men who were arrested last July. Pelletier has been charged with five counts of drug trafficking and one count of resisting or obstructing a peace officer."

The Langley Times is confirming that these charges are from a bust last year involving the 856. Aparently we were right when we said at the time that Len Peltier was involved. Does that mean we were also right when we said Larry Mizen was working for Len Peltier before they terminated his contract for bad press even though they knew fully well what he was doing at the time. Larry Mizen collected drug debts in Whalley for the Hells Angels. Larry and Lenny were not members of the Hells Angels but they used the name and reputation of the Hells Angels to do business. Everyone local knew that but were too afraid to say.

The Hells Angels hate Lenny because he is a weasel that flips on all his co accused. They have tolerated him for all these years because of his uncle and because he's been a money maker. Yet what they did to Janice Shore was deranged. History has recorded that.

Len Peltier's 856 drug trafficking network has reportedly extended from Langley to the Yukon and Yellowknife. Lenny is the guy with the stash beside Chuck Liddel in the top picture. He's the one that looks like he's from that /70's show. His uncle Bob Green, who is a Nomad, is on the far right. Lenny always does business in his uncle's name. He is a Hells Angels associate.

856 Not

I should clarify that I did make a mistake last year when hearing news of the 856 bust. Originally the 856 were absolute nobodies. A couple of high-school kids in rural Aldergrove. Then Pelletier's son starts beaking off my dad this my uncle that. They were like f*ck your dad and shot at his suv while picking his son up from High School. That's when Lenny told the media that the 856 were no more. So we thought. Until Lenny and his son started a new group up of the same name.

Another reason I have beef with Lenny is because of what happened to Dru.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bob Green's Eulogy

As everyone here knows, high ranking BC Hells Angel Bob Green was shot dead on Sunday. Although I certainly didn't lose any sleep over the death of Jonathan Bacon, I want to be clear in that I am not happy about this murder and I do not support it.

I always thought Len Peltier would get shot before Bob. CKNW is reporting that 27-year-old Jason Francis Wallace is charged with the second degree murder of Bob Green. Jason was a member of the 856 who work for Len Peltier and Bob Green. Jason was charged with drug trafficking along with Lenny last year. It is highly likely Bob Green wanted him to take the fall for Lenny like many others have in the past and he said no.

This murder represents a crossroad for not only Bob Green but also for myself and the future direction of this blog. Obviously the family is struggling with the loss but also with the why. Instantly we all knew it was related to the drug trade. That was the why. We just didn't know the who or which one. We already have an answer to that question as well. It was not a rival, it was internal. Only it didn't come from above, this time it came from below. No wonder he turned himself into the police so fast. He knew he'd be killed if he wasn't in police custody.

I'm not a reporter, I'm an activist. I'm not here to sell newspapers and make money off of a family's tragedy. I'm here to help people see the consequences of their choices and encourage them to leave the life and have a fresh start on life. As I previously said, Bob Green was not a bad man. There are a lot worse out there. He was a good father, loyal husband and devoted friend. He also profited from the sale of drugs. So does the CIA, Hillary Clinton and Wall street.

Bob was a businessman. Sometimes it's hard to find ethical investments. Often when we invest our money, we don't really want to know about the sweatshops or the exploitation that goes on behind the scenes as long as our investment turns a profit. Lenny and Caylan are pieces of garbage. No disrespect to the family. Every family has black sheep so to speak.

Lenny was supplying crack houses in Surrey back when the Surrey House of Horrors was in existence. Larry Mizen was a debt collector that worked for Lenny. Lenny is a weasel who hides behind John Crowston and uses Bob Green's name. Now that Bob is gone the industry will take care of Lenny themselves. Many sources claim that Len Peltier is a rat. Well, he doesn't call it that. When you get busted and get someone who works for you to take the fall they don't call that being a rat. They call that the price of doing business.

It's pretty obvious that Jason Wallace was expected to take the fall for Lenny again and evidently he did not approve of the idea. Why should Lenny the weasel sell out everyone that works for him over and over again? It's also possible Bob Green said that since the heat was on the 856 it was time to change it up and disband the 856 until the heat is off. It's quite possible that the puppet bit the hand that fed him. Which just goes to show, even a 12 year old kid can pull a trigger.

As for the crossroads and the change in direction of the blog, I will reiterate George Christie and Kerri Krysko have convinced me that not all Hells Angels are bad. Not all of them are involved in criminal activity. Many of them are but many more are not. In this case, Bob Green was. Yet he was not like David Giles who boasted that his friendship was for sale or the many pieces of garbage with patches running around Edmonton.

Bob Green's kids are good. His family wasn't involved in the business. This tragedy reminds me of a mother who spoke at the Gang Violence Rally in Bear Creek Park which inspired me to start this blog. They released doves in memory of loved ones lost to gang violence. One mother stood up and said she lost her son to gang violence. Only unlike Chris Mohan and Ed Schellenberg he was not an innocent victim. He was involved in the drug trade. Yet she was hurting too and grieving the loss of her son just like Bob Green's family is now.

The question is, will the club and the press let the family grieve in peace or will they turn his funeral into another circus side show promoting the drug trade when his family had nothing to do with that life and are suffering now as a result. Peace.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Whitehorse drug bust tied to 856 in Langley

The Whitehorse Daily Star is reporting that "Luther sentenced Bradley Prowal, Jeffery Redick and Taylor Wallace for their roles in a cocaine trafficking ring operating in the Yukon. Prowal received three years for trafficking cocaine, Redick 3 1/2 years for trafficking cocaine and two weapons offences and Taylor Wallace six months for the careless use of a firearm. They had entered guilty pleas at what was supposed to be a preliminary hearing. All three are from B.C., and moved to the territory a couple of years ago. They operated as part of the Langley-based 856 gang.

This drug bust is from April 2015. The 856 is run by Hells Angels associate Len Peltier who uses Bob Greene's name like it was his. Remember Larry Mizen worked for Len Peltier in Whalley. Lenny knows something about Dru's murder in Surrey. With friends like that who needs enemies? Lenny is famous for ratting other people out to avoid prison time. Even the club hates him. They tolerate him because of his cousin Bob Green and because he makes money for them.

June 23, 2015 Len Pelletier was finally named and busted for cocaine trafficking through the 856. Let's hope he doesn't get off in this bust as well. Again. He's the little slimy one with the stash.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Guilty plea in Bob Green's murder

BC Local News is reporting that "The Langley man who killed a Hells Angel gang member last year has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Surrey Provincial Court. Jason Francis Wallace was arrested days after the Oct. 16, 2016 death of Robert Keith Green, who was found dying on a property in the 23700 block of 72nd Avenue on a Sunday morning. Green was a longtime member of the Hells Angels."

"Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) announced in a statement on the guilty plea that there are links between the Green murder and the death and dismemberment of Shaun Allan Clary, which took place on Oct. 24, 2016. Clary, 27, was found dumped on the side of Robertson Crescent in rural Langley. He and Wallace both reportedly had ties to the Aldergrove-based 856 Gang." Shaun wasn't a member. He might have owed them money.

Jason turned himself in the day after he shot Bob Green knowing he'd be dead if he didn't. Bob was shot October 16th. Shaun Clary's body was found Oct 24th. Shaun was from Guildford.

Jason Wallace was busted with Len Peltier for drugs and obviously didn't want to take the fall for Lenny like everyone else keeps doing so he shot the puppet master dead. It's too bad he got the wrong guy. Bob Green was well liked. Lenny is not despite the fact that someone else has been reassigned to Lenny in Bob 's place and the weasel is still working for the club in the Yukon.

"Postmedia reported at the time that Clary was an 856 associate and that his murder was believed to be in retaliation for the death of Green, a member of the Mission City chapter of the notorious biker gang." That is utterly ridiculous. That is what the police told Kim and shows once again that gang enforcement in BC isn't just compromised, it's completely f*cked.

This is what happens when the police put people like Blaze and Len Peltier on their payroll - their intel is false. They tell us what the gangs want us to believe because they think we are stupid. Evidently we are. Clary's murder was not in retaliation for Bob Green's murder.

Metro Vancouver has arrived at the place LA was back in the /80's when Freeway Ricky was selling crack for Blandon. The police here are not trying to stop drug trafficking they are trying to be able to seize the proceeds is crime so they can take a cut in exchange for letting it continue.

10 year after the Surrey Six and nothing has changed. IHITit is still sleeping with witnesses. Only now they are sharing the same crew hoe with the cub pack completely compromising all of their intel. Natural justice is simple. Since the teletubbies and the cub pack are sharing the same crew hoe, that means they are sharing the same STDs. Good luck with that.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Fatal shooting in Aldergrove: Justin Lee Haevischer

Global is reporting that "One person is dead after an apparent shooting in Aldergrove Tuesday night. Police converged outside a McDonald's restaurant at 56th Avenue and 264th Street at around 8 p.m. Arriving officers were greeted at the front door by the body of a man shot dead, the restaurant windows shattered. Langley RCMP confirm the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has been called in. Later the same evening, a torched S-U-V was found in southwest Abbotsford. No word if the two incidents are connected."

Speaking of Aldergrove and Langley, how are Len Peltier's drug charges going? Oh right, they're not because Gang enforcement in BC is compromised and he's in the Rat out your Rivals program. Lenny is the weasel that got Bob Green killed.

Update: The Compromised BC Gang Task Force told Dr Kim that "Justin Lee Haevischer, 33, is believed to have been blasted by two different shooters outside the McDonald’s at 264th Street and 56th Avenue about 8 p.m." Global is confirming the shooting happened at McDonald's.

Justin Haevischer is Cody Haevischer's brother. Cody was involved in the Surrey Six who helped the Hells Angels take over the leadership of the Red Scorpions back in 2007 which triggered the existence of this blog. Justin was charged as an accessory after the fact in the Surrey Six.

In September 2016, Justin Haevischer was sentenced to 20 months in jail for helping to dispose of evidence related to the October 2007 Surrey Six murders.

Csongor Szucs was involved in a civil forfeiture case back in August 2017. The court was told that Delta police searched a Cadillac SUV outside Szucs's mansion. "From the rear they seized a bag with heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine, all packaged for sale. On the passenger seat was a black man-purse containing $4,295 bundled in elastic bands, and a money order for $400 from Szucs, payable to Justin Haevischer." Justin and Cody of course were working for the Hells Angels just like the Swine Flu. Who knows. They could have killed their own guy again.

This fatality reminds me of Dru's murder back in 2009. Dru sold drugs in Surrey and was affiliated with Len Peltier when Lenny supplied the crack shacks here. I have reason to believe Lenny was involved with Dru's murder. In this case, if Justin Haevischer was picking up drugs in Aldergrove he was getting it from Lenny and the 856 not. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Second Update: Now the compromised BC Gang Task Force is letting the rest of the media know that the victim was Justin Lee Haevischer. They gave Dr Kim the exclusive in exchange for servies rendered. She prints whatever they want her to and never prints anything negative about them. Other reporters do that. In return they also give her access to Bar Watch. They don't give me sh*t and I prefer it that way. Ever since Blaze went on their payroll all their intel is worthless.

BTW the Brothers Keepers are not rivals of the Red Scorpions. They both work for the Hells Angels. Unless of course the Brothers' Keepers stopped working for the Hells Angels after the Hells Angels killed Suminder Grewal but I doubt it. Money Talks, Loyalty Walks.

The police haven't released the name of the victim shot dead in south Surrey or the two arrested.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fatal Shooting at Langley Gas station - ID'd

The Peacearch News is reporting that "A man died in hospital after a gang-style shooting at the gas station at 232nd Street and 72nd Avenue Tuesday evening. The man was shot in a Range Rover that was parked at a pump around 9 p.m. A short time later, a pickup truck was found engulfed in flames at 196th Street and 83rd Avenue." A witness described it as an execution style shooting in a Range Rover that was parked at the gas pump.

Update: The Peacearch News is reporting that Amanjot Singh Hans from Surrey was shot and killed at the Chevron gas station on 232 Street on May 15.

232nd is an area of interest linked to Len Peltier and the 856. There has been shootings in the area as well as gang related gun seizures. The Hells Angels puppet party that killed Bob Green was nearby at 23700 block of 72nd Avenue. Jason Wallace was busted with Len Peltier for drugs tied to the 856 in 2015. Bob Green wanted Jason to take the fall for Lenny like everyone else and Jason said no. The puppet shooting the puppet master was unprecedented.

The fact that the police and the crown keep covering for Lenny shows that the police and the crown are compromised. Dirty deals done dirt cheap. Lenny is the root of the problem.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Police Spin Bob Green's murder

There has been a lot of bizarre accusations coming from the crown these days that are simply untrue. They lied and falsely accused Schrader of being in on the plot to shoot Larry Amero and Looney in Kelowna to intentionally put his life at risk in hopes it would force him to give them information on his previous associates. This was not a one time offense. This is a method of operation for the compromised BC gang enforcement that sits back and watches the drug tracking out of Shakerz and on the Surrey strip without lifting a finger to stop it.

Kim Bolan is reporting that "Hours after shooting Hells Angel Bob Green, Jason Wallace had driven to a spot near Harrison Lake where he had previously camped. He called his friend Justin to talk. But someone else took over the phone. The mystery man gave Wallace two options: He could kill himself. Or he could turn himself in to the Hells Angels and they would do it for him. If he didn’t, his family would be executed." That part of the story is believable. The rest is not.

"It took Wallace until the next day - Oct. 17, 2016 - to make a different choice. Just after 9:30 a.m., he placed a distraught 911 call during which he confessed to killing Green at a drug-fuelled 19-hour party in a makeshift gang clubhouse. And he told police his family was in danger."

OK so after *someone* told Jason after he killed Bob Green to kill himself or turn himself into the Hells Angels so they could kill him or else his family would be executed he calls up 911 in a frenzy making up some crazy story hiding his motive. He claims he didn't know why he shot Bob Green. He was high on drugs. Yet every crime has a means and a motive.

Stating that he didn't know why he shot Bob Green and that he was high on drugs implies it was not premeditated. Which completely contradicts their other evidence. They claim his friend Shaun Clary brought Jason the gun that killed Bob Green. As we know Shaun was brutally murdered shorty thereafter. Shaun was from Guildford in Surrey. We know his family. It is possible that he was friends with Jason. That part of the story is believable. The rest is not.

Locals claim that Bob Green was shot with his own gun. A gun he had given Jason while Jason was selling drugs for a Hells Angels puppet club called the 856. Shaun Clary did not have access to guns. Bob Green did. Is it possible Jason asked Shaun to go home and get the gun that Bob Green gave him? That part of the story is remotely possible. Shaun could have followed Jason's instructions to get the gun that Bob had given him after Jason told him where to find it thinking Jason was simply returning the gun. However, it is also possible that part of the story is a complete fabrication like the 911 call claiming he didn't know why he shot Bob Green.

Jason Wallace was busted with Len Peltier for drug trafficking in Yellowknife and the Yukon through the 856. Jason was a member of the 856 and Lenny ran it on behalf of the Hells Angels under the direction of Bob Green. Every time Lenny gets busted someone else takes the fall for him. He has even cooperated with the police giving up others who worked for him. It is obvious that Bob Green insisted that Jason take the fall for Lenny again and Jason said no. That is why Jason killed Bob. Jason knew that if he didn't kill Bob, he would have to take the fall for Lenny like everyone else has done in the past. That was the real motive.

The crown claims that Shaun Clary was brutally murdered becasue he was in on Bob Green's murder and brought Jason the gun that killed Bob. If that was true then Bob's murder was premeditated. Their evidence conflicts with itself because it is not true.

Shaun was not in on Bob Green's murder. The crown claims that Shaun was working the bar at the party Bob and Jason were attending. If that was true, then there was no need for Shaun to bring Jason his gun that Bob gave him. The only part of the story that is true is the part about Shaun being friends with Jason. That's it.

The crown admits that when Jason called his friend Justin after he shot Bob Green someone else grabbed the phone and told Jason to turn himself in to the Hells Angels or they would execute his family. The Hells Angels knew Justin was Jason's friend and already had someone watching him in case Jason called. The Hells Angels killed Shaun simply because he was friends with Jason. Shaun had absolutely nothing to do with Bob Green's murder.

Do you think Blaze's meth head friend from Guildford was involved in Shaun's brutal murder? I do. Once again the police let murderers walk to perpetuate their false propaganda.

So why are the police lying again and are covering up for Len Peltier? Because Lenny is one of their star witnesses just like Blaze. The police are letting Lenny traffic drugs in exchange for his testimony on other cases just like the CIA did for Blandon in LA during the US crack epidemic. Lenny used to supply all the crack shacks in Surrey with drugs until the boys terminated Larry Mizen's contract. The police are giving Lenny a free license to traffic drugs because gang enforcement in BC is completely compromised. Just sayin.

The Gangsters Out News Syndicate: Still rocking you like a hurricane.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Court orders name of tipster who lied to police released to the court

The National Post is reporting that someone who called in Crimestoppers with a false tip to throw suspicion of himself could be identified in court if he lied to obstruct justice. Crimestoppers presented an absurd objection claiming that the sky would fall and Crimestoppers would come to an end if the public trust in anonymity was broken. Get a grip. Anonymity still exists. It can only be broken if the person knowingly lies. That's pretty much a no brainer.

"The Supreme Court found that the promise of anonymity cannot serve as a cover for obstruction of justice. The Supreme Court decided the anonymity granted to informers, called informer privilege, cannot be interpreted to apply where it would compromise the very objectives that justify its existence, namely: furthering the interest of justice and the maintenance of public order. It follows that informer privilege does not exist where a person has contacted Crime Stoppers with the intention of furthering criminal activity or interfering with the administration of justice.”

This case does however open Pandora's box and relates to several other cases and articles. What happens when crown witnesses lie? Can their name be released? We've briefly talked about when police lie in court like in the taser death at the airport or when hiding their sexual escapades with witnesses in the Surrey Six investigation. We've also recently talked about when police knowingly plant evidence to wrongfully convict someone of a crime they did not commit. Their anonymity is not protected so why should a crown witness who knowingly lies?

Recently the Times Colonist reported that "A police agent, paid more than $130,000 by the RCMP to help nab a cocaine dealer, testified in court that he may have killed two men and viciously attacked people to settle drug debts. The payout sheds light on the secretive world of police agents who can be used to catch criminals in undercover stings but often have a serious criminal past of their own." This was a sting - entrapment. It was not stopping an existing drug trafficking ring, it was creating a new one for the press release.

This was an enforcer for you know who getting paid $130,000 by the RCMP to rat out a rival in exchange for not only carrying on his own business, but for getting away with murder and years of debt collection violence. This is the new corruption within the BC Gang task Force that I am referring to. It also relates to Blaze, the Black Widow and Len Peltier.

In this case "Mulligan tried to prove that Ketch sold the cocaine under duress after Holland implied he would hurt Ketch if he didn’t come up with the drugs. Mulligan said Holland had a financial incentive to pressure Ketch to sell the drugs." It was another sting operation to make it look like they were confronting drug dealing when they were in reality doing the exact opposite.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lion Statues stolen from UN grave site

The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that some low life POS stole the two lions that were sitting beside Duane Meyer and Evan Appell's grave. We know that DK was working under Jamie Pigsh*t Bacon's direction when he shot Duane and that Jamie Pig Sh*t was being taxed and controlled by the Hells Angels. First of all, who would steal a statue from a grave site?

That is so low it is difficult to comprehend. As much as I beefed with David Giles in the past, I would never, ever deface his grave site. People who do that are worthless. They have no self respect. They are hopeless. Second, notice Hells Angels attended Duane's funeral. Just like they attended Ali's funeral in Surrey. Attending the funeral of someone you killed is become a local Hells Angels tradition. The Hells Angles killed Duane just like they killed Ali.

Evan Appell died of a drug overdose. That's why Kamil Skrodzki stopped cooking ecstasy when it was no longer a pure product since sassafras oil was no longer available to make it properly. That's why the HAs had Kam killed. He wouldn't cook for them any more.

Remind me why the police have Hells Angels associates in the rat out your rivals program and give them police protection to sell drugs? It sounds very conflicted to me. It's down right dirty.

Come to think of it, Len Peltier attended Dru Cilliers' funeral too. Can we see a pattern yet?

The Bacon brothers didn't do sh*t without the Hells Angels permission first. Spike was taxing Jamie and Larry Amero was in bed with Jonathan long before their coming out party in Kelowna. Lary Amero was beind the Surrey six and the murder of Duane Meyer. He wasn't acting on is own he was acting on club business. That's why Larry was promoted to drug trafficking in Montreal after he got shot in Kelowna. If you want to find the lions check Blaze the police informant's trunk. He's the only rat sh*t low enough to do such a thing. He probably had a police escort to do it.

Update: I understand that Clay's peeps are looking into replacing the stolen statues. They've found stone replacements but are looking for marble. They should also install a surveillance camera. Compare that with the Red and White who tell the family to pay for their own funeral including their tribute. Clay has class. Rainbow Ricky cannot comprehend what class is.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Police seize $70,000 in cash

The Peace Arch News is reporting that "More than $ 70,000 in cash and cocaine was seized and arrests made in a what police are calling a dial-a-dope operation operating out of the Williams Lake area. Seven people from Williams Lake and an individual from Port Coquitlam were arrested after a two-month long investigation led by the Williams Lake General Investigation Section and Crime Reduction Unit along with specialized support sections."

No word on how much cocaine was seized but police are pretty excited about seizing $70,000 in cash. Makes ya kind of wonder what their real priorities are. They are watching the drug trafficking out of Shakerz supplying the Surrey strip and are providing police protection for the drug dealers there. Then they turn around an seize cash when they can without disrupting street level drug trafficking. Speaking of conflicted, when is Len Peltier going to get charged?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Second Anniversary of Janice Shore's Brutal Murder

Today is the second anniversary of Janice Shore's brutal murder. She was beaten into a coma on December 2nd 2012 and died two months later in hospital on February 18 2013. The Chris Mohan story was the reason I started my web site and blog but the Janice Shore story and the Gary Webb story are the reason I keep it going.

Selling drugs in clubs to people who can afford it is really none of my business. Giving crack to the homeless for free then beating the life out of them for payment is my business. That is what fuels the plastic fake ass gang banger wanna be that lives the materialistic world of self indulgence. It is blood money earned through predatory exploitation.

If you don't front the drugs, there are no drug debts. Decapitating Bob Roth for a drug debt and caving in Janice's head for a nominal drug debt is deranged. I had never met Janice before the assault. I visited her in the hospital when she was in a coma and saw the physical damage inflicted on her. It looked like someone caved in her jaw and temple with a hammer. My daughter had seen her around a few times pan handling. She confirmed what the many others said, that Janice was quiet, soft spoken and very polite. The ideal mark for a predatory drug dealer outside the Front Room. She was also sexually assaulted.

I spoke to one police officer who said they had no evidence that she was sexually assaulted. Yes you do I said. You have the testimony of the witnesses that found her body. I spoke to one witness a year later when the First Nation Elders set up a tee pee and a sacred fire in Janice's honour. He was still freaked out about it over a year later. He confirmed that her head was caved in as though someone had crushed it with a huge rock and that her underwear was down around her ankles. Another person who knew Janice confirmed her quiet polite manner and said if she was killed for a drug debt it couldn't have been a large one because she was a user not a dealer. The Janice Shore murder pretty much sums up my beef with the predatory drug dealers outside the Front Room that exploit the homeless in a brutal manner.

I told the story of an ugly fat white chick terrorizing the sex trade workers outside the Front Room when I was trying to find the site Janice was murdered to set up a memorial. I asked a few homeless people where Janice was murdered and a sex trade worker showed me. You could tell she wasn't from here. She didn't try and ask me for money after she showed me the site. The fat ugly white girl kept asking her where ya going? Her response was simply to get a life. Who's that she kept asking as if to say is that a trick? Where's my money give me some money.

Six months later a former sex trade worker from the area contacted me and said that sounded like Colleen, one of Larry Mizen's coaccused. She said that tree where Janice was dumped at is where the drug dealers there demand free service from the sex trade workers they sell crack to. Leaving her body there was a message for all the others. Which clearly shows the hypocrisy in Larry Mizen's murder. Larry Mizen worked for Len Peltier who is a Hells Angles associate. Yes the Red and White terminated Larry's contract when he got some bad press but they were well aware of what he was doing all along. He was collecting their money and they didn't care how he did it. That is my beef. Lenny the weasel is still in town and that needs to be addressed.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Jagmeet Singh calls a Bloc Quebecois MP racist for disagreeing with him

OMG Jagmeet Singh seemed like such a nice guy until his leftist extremism carried him off into the dark abyss. The Peace arch News is reporting that Jagmeet Singh pulled an ANTIFA and called a Bloc Quebecois MP racist for disagreeing with him. GMAFB. The race card has been over played. Just ask Candace Owens. The French Revolution was built on diversity.

Jagmeet Singh should be a little more concerned with Communist China's bullying India then with fabricated fantasies. What Communist China is doing is real. The systematic racism is not.

The MMIWG report was a political farce. After Wally Oppal committed treason and shut down the Missing Women's inquiry as soon as the Hells Angels were implicated the political remix had an extreme political agenda and refused to address the real issue of murdered and missing Indigenous women. That report referred to " Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA [two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual] people."

The whack jobs that took over the Inquiry had a extremist political agenda to push instead of exposing the root cause of much of the violence against Indigenous Women.

Marilyn Poitras stated why she resigned from the commission: "We've been down this road before... We had people tell us if you want to know who the problems are and how to fix them you go talk to the sex trade workers. They're going to tell you who they are. It's not a mystery. This isn't some person coming out of the blue and randomly taking women off the street. People know who they're threatened by. Lets go talk to them. We weren't doing any of those things."

Director's resignation from MMIWG inquiry a sign of dysfunction

2nd executive director of MMIWG inquiry resigns

Wendy Carlick was murdered before she could testify at the MMIGW Inquiry.

Everett Chief has just been charged in her murder.

There was a spike in Yukon murders after Len Peltier started drug trafficking there.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

Whitehorse woman murdered in Vernon

The Yukon News is reporting that "A homicide investigation is underway after a Whitehorse woman’s remains were found in a burnt-out vehicle in the North Okanagan last month. An autopsy has confirmed that remains, discovered Sept. 20, are those of Erin Chelsea Borgford, the B.C. RCMP Southeast District Major Crime Unit said in a press release Oct. 2. The 27-year-old’s death is being treated as a homicide." Whitehorse is Len Peltier's drug trafficking network.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

State of the Union

Martin Luther King was a great man with a great vision. Of all his teachings two speeches stand apart and echo throughout history. The first was his I have a dream speech. Thousands had marched with him to Washington where he delivered his inspiring vision. He said: In spite of the difficulties and the frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted within the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it's creed we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. I have a dream today.

It is difficult to watch and impossible to comprehend how a handful of lunatics can do such dramatic damage to that inspiring vision in our age of reason. We saw the Rodney King video years ago. It was astounding. The outrage was understandable. Yet rioting is counter productive. You're mad so you're going to burn your neighborhood and city. The logic fails. The same thing happened a few years ago in England. The police were caught red handed lying about a murder they committed. The people had a legitimate grievance but it was lost when they started rioting and looting. It was at that point when their just cause vanished and their quest for justice failed.

Now we go from one extreme to the other. Neighborhoods up in flames over a legitimate grievance to individual lunatics going into a Black Baptist church and shooting random people in the congregation. Nothing could be more absurd. That lunatic does not represent white people any more than a terrorist represents Islam. As Martin Luther King taught, I've seen too much hate to want to hate and every time I see it I say to myself that hate is too great a burden to bear. When evil men burn and bomb good men much build and bind. His words ring true today.

The other breath taking speech was delivered the day before he was assassinated called I've been to the mountaintop. It was somewhat prophetic as he indirectly predicted his own assassination. He referenced his dream. He said that he had been to the mountaintop and had see the promised land. Comparing his dream to Moses' quest for the promised land. He said he had seen that one day his vision would become a reality. He said that I might not get there with you but we a a people would get there. He said everyone wants to live a long life. Longevity has it's place. Yet I'm not worried about that now I just want to do God's will. He then said he's not fearing any man because his eyes had seen the coming of the Lord. It was very inspiring.

Well, like Martin Luther King I too have been to the mountaintop. Only I didn't see the coming of the Lord. I saw the depths of hell. Finian's inferno so to speak. I saw the ruthless exploitation that goes on outside the Front Room in Surrey and in the DTES. If people have to ask me why I do this blog, I can't explain it to them. For me the answer is clear: Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic.

When this blog first started it was all about Chris Mohan. It was the answer to the heartfelt plea of a grieving mother. As I said in my eBook it all started with the Surrey Six. That murder where two innocent bystanders were intentionally executed outraged everyone. As a result everyone and their dog has flipped on those involved and no one sees them as rats for doing so. Everyone sees Jamie Bacon and those who helped him as rats. Well wait 'till I tell ye, Jamie Bacon did not try and tax Corey Lal on behalf of the Triads or the UN. He tried to tax Corey Lal on behalf of the Hells Angels.

That brings us to Janice Shore. A soft spoken pan handler who was sexually assaulted and beaten to death for a drug debt in Surrey. It couldn't have been a very large debt because she was a user not a dealer. Her murder was to send a message to the others who were being likewise exploited pay your debts or end up like her. The place they left her body was designed to send a message to all the drug addicted sex trade workers outside the Front room. Pay up and shut up or you'll end up like Janice. In Whalley the drug dealers are the pimps. They give the sex trade workers crack then beat the life out of them for payment. When they get a trick the drug dealers take everything. There is nothing consensual about it. The tree that they left Janice's body at was where the drug dealers demand free service from the sex trade workers they sell crack to.

So Larry Mizen is gone and they rerouted Lenny' cocaine to Whtehourse and the Yukon. Yet the Hells Angels are still supplying the Front Room with crack. Just the other week I saw a guy wearing a Kelowna Hells Angels support shirt. He wasn't a member of the Hells Angels but he was using the name and reputation of the Hells Angels to do business and the business he was doing was enforcing for the crack dealers outside the Front Room just like Larry Mizen did.

I don't have beef with the whole club. It's just one or two guys. Skelletor, Rainbow Ricky, Len Peltier. One percent of the one percent so to speak. All Hells Angels don't sell crack. Yet when they use the name and reputation of the club to sell crack then it implicates all of them. Selling drugs in clubs is none of my business. Dial a dope operations are none of my business. Grow ops or selling pot is none of my business. That is all part of supply and demand.

Giving crack to the homeless for free then beating the life out of them for payment is my business. What happened to Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic is my business. And Moses said to Pharaoh let my people go. Prophesy unto Gog leader of Magog and declare thus saith the Lord I am against thee. Let it be known that Surrey is free. Just like Derry Bogside. Peace.

Another reason I have beef with Lenny is because of what happened to Dru.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Public sale of drugs in Surrey on the front page of the Vancouver Province - Update

The Vancouver Province ran a front page article yesterday with an in depth spotlight on the epicentre of drug related violence in Surrey outsode the Front Room. The article stated Drugs, sex and stolen goods: Population grows on vice-ridden Surrey Strip.

The Vancouver Sun also ran the article which explained "The two blocks of 135A Street between 106th and 108th avenues has long been a place where people who are homeless and addicted to drugs have congregated, mostly because it is close to medical services, food and shelters, and drugs are readily available." Drugs are readily available. They are sold in public and the police let them. That is why addicts go there. That is why addiction has spread like a forest fire consuming everything in it's path.

I have a lot more to say on this but just wanted to throw the links out there so people had a chance to read the article for themselves but I will say this. Note the picture in the Vancouver Sun article. It's a picture of a young woman smoking a crack pipe in public. Only it looks like a meth pipe since it has a round ball at the end. Crack pipes are normally straight glass tubes. This is all happening in full view outside the needle exchange which is no longer an exchange. They just hand out free needles for addicts to discard anywhere they want.

If we had a moral conscience we would support harm reduction not harm promotion. This is a place of exploitation. There are two reasons for it. One in the lack of affordable housing, the other is the public sale of crack. This brings us back to a crime prevention meeting in Surrey back in June 2008. Local residents complained that the police let people sell and smoke crack in public and they don't do anything about it.

The former owner of the Dell complained and said if someone lights up a cigarette outside his bar that person can be fined $2,000.00 and that fine can be enforceable. Yet the police drive by people selling and smoking crack and do nothing. That isn't right. Why am I the one having to live with bars on my windows? Mike Farnworth having to agree with the man's concerns shook his head and said all he could say to that was cite a quote from Charles Dickens and said "Sir, if the law believes that then the law is an ass." Indeed it is. Let's fix it while we still can.

Update - The Dianne Rock and Janice Shore Story:

It's important to remember how this desperate situation relates to the Janice Shore and the Dianne Rock story. Janice Shore was a homeless drug user that was found beaten to death at the end of this notorious Strip outside the Front Room in Surrey. The brutality of the Janish Shore murder outraged me. She was sexually assaulted and beaten to death. She was in a coma for two months from which she never recovered. I visited her in the hospital on Christmas morning.

One one side of her head her jaw had been literally caved in and on the other side of her head her temple was caved in. I wondered what could have caused those kind of injuries. It had to have been some kind of blunt forced trauma. A few months later while I was visiting the Front Room one of the patrons dropped a happmer out of his backpack. That's when the light went on. A hammer could have created those injuries.

Cpl. Bert Paquet from IHIT told a press conference Janice was involved in “high-risk activities” at the time of her death. He would not reveal whether she had been sexually assaulted or whether a weapon had been used. I spoke with him months later and he told me the police had no evidence Janice had been sexually assaulted. I said yes you do. She was found with her underwear pulled down around her ankles. You have the testimony of the witnesses that found her. In a court of law, testimony of witnesses is evidence.

Janice wasn't a sex trade worker per say. She was a quiet soft spoken panhandler. Like Dianne Rock she was forced into the sex trade after the addiction took hold to pay for the drug. If Janice shore was killed for a drug debt it couldn't have been a large one because she was a user not a dealer. Years later a former sex trade worker from the Strip outside the Front room contacted me and confirmed Janice had worked in the industry for a brief period of time. She said all the other girls hated her because they were trying to raise the bar and make some money. Janice would be gone half the day and come back with f*ck all.

That's when the investigation had a breakthrough. The former sex trade worker told me Janice was left beside that tree as a message to the other sex trade workers pay your debts or else. Everyone there knew that tree was where the drug dealers who supplied the sex trade workers demanded free service from them. Her murder was a message to the others. It is that kind of predatory exploitation that infuriates me.

Larry Mizen was the primary drug debt enforcer for that Strip. Everyone there knew about his brutality and was terrified of him for good reason. He was the prime suspect in her murder. If he did not do it, he knew who did. Not long after that information was made public he was found beaten to death in his rented home not far away. Larry Mizen worked for Len Peltier. The Hells Angels terminated Larry's contract and reassigned Lenny to Whitehourse.

Friday, August 1, 2014

856 Not

The Globe and Mail is reporting that B.C.’s anti-gang unit says it has arrested three high-ranking members of the 856 gang. Only there is no such thing as a high ranking member of the 856 gang. As Kim Bolan has pointed out, the 856 gang takes it's name from the area code to Aldergrove. No one in their right mind would name themselves after the area code for Aldergrove. We jokingly refer to the 604 but that's just a joke. The 856 is even lamer than the 604. Pttbull refers to the 305 in Florida. If you want to quote a New York, LA or Miami area code so be it but no one trying to be hard core would ever name themselves after an area code from Aldergrove.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting turn of events. It shows that Len Pelletier was wrong when he said there is no 856 gang any more when he drove his car into a tree after being shot at by them. Yet 2 1/2 kilograms of cocaine and 3.8 kilograms of crystal meth isn't chump change. My question is where did they get it from? It either came from the Hells Angels or the UN and my guess is the Hells Angels.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time the Hells Angels took the name of some other group for one of their puppet clubs. Case in point, the Independent Soldiers and the Red Scorpions. Interestingly enough one blog reader sent in a comment from Kim Bolan's blog where one of her blog readers claimed that the new 856 gang is run by Len Pelletier's son Caylen Pelletier. They referred to the 856 gang as Peltier's puppets. Now that is worth looking in to.

It's also worth noting that the picture from the police press conference is of many bags of "buffer." 2 kilos of cocaine would fit in 2 bags. All those bags aren't cocaine they are of a cutting agent that's used to deworm cattle - Levamisole. The Langley Advanced referred to it by it's street name superbuff. 44 kilos worth. Levamisole is used to cut crack because it waters down the crack while keeping it's solid form hence the term rock. It gives humans flesh eating disease. This is another example of greed. Watering down crack with a cutting agent that rots your flesh.