Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dusty Swanson sentenced to 15 years without parole for Second Degree murder

Local sources in Greece are reporting that Dusty Swanson was sentenced to 15 years without parole for second degree murder today. Full patch Alberta Hells Angels Nick Dragich and Brent Koziak were found guilty of accessory to murder and were sentenced to 5 years with parole. Sadly, that means the two accessories just get time served and walk away free. Nick participated in the beating. They also have to pay bail of 20,000 euros each.


  1. Well, look at it this way, by the time any of them get out, they'll likely have picked up a foreign language they otherwise never would have learned, so there's that....Let's hope their "Big Fat Greek (Wedding) Prison Experience" (Note to our Greek friends, BFGW is a TV show in America)is ALL it can be. I wonder if they know that Greece, like Spain and Italy, is a "blade culture"....

    "Come on vacation, leave on probation.".....15 years later.

  2. Oh, my. Seems the Greece judicial system takes these things seriously and applies sentences accordingly. the boys can always ask for a transfer back to Canada to serve their time here. They may certainly think twice before beating some one up in Greece.

    Nice going Judge in Greece!

  3. I heard a rumor that Dusty may have or will be getting out if prison. Does anyone know for sure

  4. These guys are all back in Edmont9n like nothing ever happened


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