Friday, October 14, 2016

Police seize 73 kilos of cocaine in Toronto

CBC is reporting that Police seized 73 kilograms of powder cocaine, 12 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and eight kilograms of MDMA, or ecstasy. Police arrested and charged Nicholas Shouldice, 32, of Toronto with possession for the purpose of trafficking. Global posted a video of the press conference.


  1. Now that is what we could call a good "bust". Guess the police in Toronto are working a bit harder than some of the RCMP in B.C. Then of course Ontario has a Premier who cares more for the citizens than the one in B.C., just my opinion of course, but really resources for these types of "busts" start at the top. They have a new Mayor in Toronto and a Premier who is far better than ours.

  2. This makes no difference to anything. There are organizations in Canada that has tonnes of the stuff.

    There's a darn good chance, this coke will just end up in the street anyhow. Cops make a lot money doing this.

  3. It does make a difference cocaine isn't a product that has an endless supply. There are only 90 metric tons produced worldwide per year. That's alot but not that much. When big alot of big busts happen the price goes up. There simply aren't tons of cocaine out 1 ton represents 1 sixtyith of the world market as 30 tonnes a year are seized annually. Canada doesn't have that big a market.


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