Friday, October 7, 2016

Vancouver City Hall publicly endorses Communist China's modern holocaust

CBC is reporting that "The symbolism and meaning of a ceremony at Vancouver City Hall to mark the 67th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China is raising concerns with some Chinese-Canadians. On Friday, about 300 Chinese government supporters turned out to watch acting Mayor Kerry Jang and Richmond East MP Joe Peschisolido don red scarves and raise the national flag of China in front of city hall. When news of the unpublicized event was posted online over the weekend, it sparked strong reaction from those in the Chinese-Canadian community who don't support the communist government."

The Vancouver Sun reported that Meena Wong, former mayoral candidate for COPE said “I was shocked, to have my city councillor in my city hall raising the flag wearing the symbol of loyalty to communism, I was dumbfounded.” Wong was a young child in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution and recalls the persecution of her parents and grandparents. For her and many others “it is a painful memory to see that red flag and scarves,” she said.

CKNW reported that Meena Wang delivered a petition to the Mayor’s office. Kerry Jang minimized the concerns claiming they were racist which is beyond absurd and totally offensive. The people complaining are Chinese Canadians who have endured atrocities under the Communist regime. Rebel Media is reporting that Thursday "Wong was joined by Louis Huang from the Alliance of the Guard of Canadian Values. His group is made up mostly of Chinese-Canadians who are fearful that Canadian values are being shoved aside in favour of closer and cozier relations with the government of China."

Vancouver City Hall is well aware of Communist China's secret holocaust with regards to organ harvesting from political prisoners. They went to court to force Falun Gong practitioners to take down protest signs outside the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver. Hoisting the Communist flag at Vancouver City hall knowing about China's illegal organ harvesting is endorsing that heinous practice and opposes everything that Canada has previously stood for.


  1. Wake up people, these are the "useful idiots" who have been selling out their own country for decades and supporting fascism/communism/other totalitarian governments elsewhere. Most of them have never met a dictator they didn't like, Trudeau Sr. and Fidel Castro got along just great, big surprise. Any of their ilk who ever achieved elected power at some point expressed frustration with having to actually work with the elected representatives of the people, preferring to rule by decree if they could get away with it. They were telling you who they really were, and you not only didn't listen, you kept them in power. SUCKERS.....

  2. If the City of Vancouver raises the flags of other countries on their special occasions, then raising the Chinese flag, although not great, I can live with. However, the red scarves were just a tad too much, as in way, way too much. They are what people claim they are and that isn't great. however we need to understand these are politicians and they will do what they think gets them the most votes and money.
    The people who complained are more likely people who came here from China at an earlier time and are not inclined to view the communist Chinese government favorably. The new arrivals, well many of them owe their wealth to the current government of China and aren't that unhappy with them.

    One must remember just because they all come from the same country doesn't mean they can't call each other racists. The people of China are not all the same ethnicity. So yes, they could call each other racist and it might just be the case.

    Its like Europeans, they all came from Europe,, but the countries are smaller, more tribal than China which is huge and made up of a number of ethnic groups and languages. There is a clear split between those who speak Mandarin and Cantonese. Then within the Cantonese language, which I'm more familiar with, there are dialects which can be very different from each other.

    All it all its politics, but given the track record of the Communist government of China, we ought not have "celebrated". It would be like celebrating oh, Russia/Putin, Syria, etc. some of the various war lords of Smolia, et.c


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