Saturday, October 29, 2016

Coquitlam RCMP dragging a senior down stairs

CTV is reporting that "Shocking video has surfaced showing an RCMP officer dragging an elderly man down a flight of stairs following a heated strata meeting in Coquitlam Thursday night. The footage, which was uploaded to YouTube, begins with a group of officers surrounding an older couple in the stairwell of a Best Western hotel, where the strata was holding its annual general meeting. As a young girl cries and screams, one Mountie can be seen grabbing the elderly man, who is lying on the ground, and pulling him toward the stairs."Stop resisting," the officer yells before apparently yanking the man down a staircase."

The Coquitlam RCMP have a horrible reputation. They are the ones that kicked in the whistleblowers' door and seized all his hard drives after he went public about Jim Brown. They knowingly destroyed evidence by deleting his hard drives before returning them to him.

In this case the video is indeed very disturbing. The cop is seen dragging the senior down the stairs. Totally inappropriate. What's even more inappropriate is Superintendent Sean Maloney's response to the video. He says they're going to investigate the matter by looking into why they were called to the meeting trying to find some way to blame the senior.

During a protest people are often arrested for refusing to leave. They sit down and don't resist they simply refuse to comply. That is what this senior is doing. In those cases the police pick them up and carry they away. They don't drag them down a flight of stairs. It's very unprofessional as is the Coquitlam Police Chief's response. No wonder they destroyed evidence in the Jim Brown case. They have a lot to hide.


  1. This is so sickening, it is pathetic. That any cop is allowed to do this to people, who are over 80 years old and who are most likely in their right to do what they did.
    But someone did not like it and phoned the cops on them. That person should be jailed also. No amount of money is worth hurting other people for. And to treat them worse than you would an animal, is so gross, no words can describe that situation!

  2. Edit to add: They TRAIN THEM to yell, "Stop Resisting, stop resisting" precisely because they are always getting caught on video using excessive or inappropriate levels of force and they can then say "he/she was resisting arrest", see I was telling them to stop resisting". Trust me these douche bags don't know what resisting arrest looks like. Or more "accurately", feels like.
    Pretty pathetic, the level of thuggery the Canadian public has to put up with from these "members". And you DO have to put up with it....what are you going to do, resist? With what? SUCKERS.....

    At least in the states that guy would get sued and the PD would be paying out a lot of money. Isn't it funny that the Canadian system isn't set up to allow that? Wonder why that you think not having that restraint makes a difference? Well, why not beat your ass "just because" it's not like it's going to cost them personally (or even the city) any money, right?

    When a cop steps over the line, it should hurt them 2x as bad as it does an civilian for the same offense. It should be very easy to get fired as a cop, not very hard.

  3. did these RCMP officers even stop to think about what they were doing>? dragging people down stairs can cause serious injuiry, when its seniors you can break their bones much more easily. what were these officers thinking. well they most likely weren't. if they can't hand cuff 2 seniors and carry them downstairs they ought to resign. they could have easily placed them on a stretcher and taken them out that way. when you drag seniors you can some times break their hips. if that happens, they could die. I don't know what they were thinking but these guys ought to be suspended without pay for 3 or 6 months so they can think about what they did. OMG, it was a strata meeting and there were arguments. for that they call the police????? now the strata board has the RCMP doing their dirty work. B.C. really needs to get rid of the RCMP. when police aren't answerable to the local people they do things such as this.

    if the officers had handled a dog or horse this way the SPCA might have charged them.

  4. Canadians can sue, however the cost of going to court is so high most do not.

    We need to remember the problems the rcmp HAS. they have settled the lawsuit with female RCMP officers and now there is going to be a class action suit by male offices for bullying and harassment. People who work in that type of hostile environment take it out on people who can't fight back. Its called re directed anger and I think we see a lot of it in the rcmp.

    I can't imagine why they train police officers to scream the same thing over and over. the people won't be hearing I any way. If you want people to listen it is best to speak to them in a calm moderate tone of voice.

    1. Yes, you can sue, but it's not like down south where the lawyer will take the case "on spec" and they get 1/3rd of whatever the settlement is. If you have to pay them up front, well, what average working person can afford that?

      Good point about redirected anger. Not the whole of the issue though I think.

      Like I said, it's for liability reasons. As you correctly observe, after they go "hands on" and people who (often rightfully) believe they have done nothing wrong to warrant what would otherwise legally be an assault on their person instinctively pull away or resist the assault, then they are "resisting arrest". It's pretty pathetic, the LEO equivalent of the school yard bully grabbing your arm and hitting you in the face with your own hand while chanting "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself"...

  5. You should check out it exposes a lot on the Coquitlam RCMP, including one officers sexual harassment of a civillian while on-duty earlier this year.

    1. Nice. Thanks for the link. Yes the Coquitlam detachment has has a very bad reputation dating right back to the Pickton Farm.

    2. You have to complain. Each and every time. Being well mannered, a trait Canadians are stereo-typically known for, is a massive disadvantage in such situations. Silence = consent, psychologically speaking. The culture of Canadian policing is NOT going to change itself, THAT is on YOU.


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