Friday, October 28, 2016

Burnaby Shooting

CTV is reporting that there was another shooting in Burnaby last night. Although multiple shots were fired, no one was injured. Global is reporting that "Residents say they heard what sounded like gunfire exchanged around 11 p.m. A vehicle was also seen racing away shortly after. When police arrived they found a bullet hole in an apartment building and a vehicle in the underground parking lot riddled with bullets. Its owner was found nearby uninjured. RCMP say he is known to them and is associated with a criminal organization."


  1. Much more of this and we're going to have to start calling Vancouver, "Chicago North".....

    I don't know why anyone thinks body armor should be illegal in Canada, just think of the lives that might be saved.....worthless lives better lost, but I'm probably in the minority opinion there.....on the other hand, a vest didn't save John Rogers....and like guns, criminals who want one will get one anyway.....they don't obey laws, that's why we call them CRIME-in-als.....great example of how stupid some of the people running the show are..."Lets outlaw vests", that's all you've got? And that will make a difference how exactly? Oh, when cops shoot (at) them, they won't be protected, got it. When exactly was the last time the cops got into a gunfight with someone wearing body armor in Canada? Never? Gotcha.:rolleyes:

    These people don't get into gunfights with the cops, they get into them with each other. Might be more accurate (pun intended) to call them assassination attempts though, not really a gunfight.

    One thing Canada has in common with the United States in addition to a very long border is the level of absolute idiocy on the part of the majority of people in "public service". They're just there for the money, the power, and the "respect". Government in Canada is a "swamp" just like down south. We're fixing to drain ours. How about y'all?


  2. one could hardly compare the Canadian government with the American system or how our countries are run. You may want to consider your country's government a swamp, I on the other hand believe Canada's federal government isn't all that bad. As to draining the swamp, well its hard to say what you mean. there is a Presidental election along with a number of seats in the House and Senate, a number of states are electing governors, etc. an election can hardly be said to be draining the swamp. As to swamp dwellers, well that might cover trump, but the rest seem better.

  3. Let me guess, you're a Hillary boringly predictable...

    "Follow the Money".

    We can absolutely compare the "pay for play" corrupt insider "connected" politics of both countries. The "entitled" attitude of the elected masters on both sides of the border is the same, unless Canadian human nature is somehow different from American human nature.....and I suspected you are sufficiently delusional to believe that it it, voluntary self delusion is a "progressive" trait necessary to believe the illogical body of theory that makes up collectivist dogma.

  4. and lets guess you support Trump. not much more needs to be said. anyone who would support a politician who s accused of sexual assault, well what more can we say.

    now as to Clinton. she is a normal politician. get over it. its how business is done in this world these days. voters let it get this bad, now they can live with it or change it, but Trump isn't change, he is a throw back to the start of facism. Now of course Bernie Saunders would have ben a good choice, but alas,......

    1. Chicago North! WTF are you smoking to even compare Vancouver/Surrey to Gangland Chicago.We live in a paradise compared to Chicago shit just one of Chicagos weekends they get more reports of gunshots and homicides then what we get in a whole year Don't compare it that's inner city gang violence and organized crime to Vancouver/Surrey

    2. Chicago is much worse as they have a much larger population but the gang related shootings in metro Vancouver are becoming concerning for eveyone who lives here.

  5. what about Bill Clinton. He was a womanizer as they would say. he wasn't accused/charged with sexual assault.

    Chicago may have a much larger population but on a pro rated basis, I'd suggest there are still more shootings/killings in Chicago than there are in surrey.

    So far most of the violence here has been contained to those involved. if there are drugs and people taking them, those who deal in them will always fight for market share. Its the same as any business. by legalizing booze, the took the violence out of that business who knows what would happen if they just didn't deal with drugs as an illegal substance. Just treat it like booze.

    1. Bill Clinton was no better than Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a raging lunatic but Hillary Clinton is a cunning criminal. She was the author of Operation Fast and Furious and she sold guns to ISIS. History has recorded that.

      Legalizing crack or crystal meth would be complete social irresponsibility. The drug war is failing simply because Hilary Clinton and the CIA are on the wrong side.

    2. Actually Bill Clinton has been accused of RAPE. Google Juanita Broderick. And Hillary demonized every woman who ever came forward about her husband, hired P.I.'s to dig up dirt on them, etc. Not to mention defending a child rapist she KNEW was guilty after she eventually passed the bar exam in Arkansas after failing it in Washington D.C.......And whatever you can say about Trump isn't 5% of what you can say about the Clinton Cartel. Not even close. But yeah, of course, since he is "accused" of that well, of course he can't be President. Convenient, but no one is buying it.

      I have news for you, you heard it first here on this blog, Trump will win by a landslide unseen since Reagan monkey-stomped Walter Mondale in 1984, and Hillary will be reporting to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. But she will have plenty of company as well. Bank on it.

      Bernie is an out and out Communist, but of course he has to call himself a Socialist. And Hillary pegged him good.... after which he still sold out for a new vacation home by the lake, in addition to his other 2 houses that he owns. Yup, "man of the people" right there....a fraud, just like the other "progressives"...hell you can't even spell Fascism, so you certainly don't know that Fascist/Communist/Socialist/Progressive are all birds of a feather, all about CONTROL. Come back when you wise up and quit being a dupe. Not dope, dupe. As in, "one who has been duped".

      "Chicago North" was a joke. Overemphasis for the purpose of illustration.


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