Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rise in Opioid addiction in the US

We are hearing a lot of bizarre stories about a heroin epidemic in the US similar to the crack epidemic there back in the /80's. For many of us it's hard to comprehend. Most people think although heroin is highly addictive, you have to be pretty far gone to stick a needle in your arm. Yet we are hearing more and more reports of middle class families resorting to doing exactly that.

In 2014 the Guardian reported A deadly crisis: mapping the spread of America's drug overdose epidemic. In 2015 Time Magazine reported that Heroin Use in U.S. Reaches Epidemic Levels. In 2016 RT dot com reported that Unprecedented: Heroin use & overdose deaths triple in US.

So what happened? Recently Activist Post claimed part of the problem is the DEA Protecting Big Pharmaceutical companies. I am hesitant about headlines that refer to the failure of the drug war. The drug war hasn't failed. It's just that many agencies are on the wrong side of that war.

The Activist Post reports that "Purdue made $31 billion playing its part in getting America hooked on opioids, under the guise of effective pain treatment. When people could no longer afford OxyContin or other patented painkillers, they turn to its close cousin heroin, which is far cheaper and relatively easy to obtain through the black market."

Likewise, USA Today reports that "Heroin use is reaching into new communities - addicting more women and middle-class users - as people hooked on prescription painkillers transition to cheaper illegal drugs, a new report shows." The common thread is that people are getting addicted to prescription painkillers then turn to cheaper illegal drugs like heroin.

Logistically two villains have merged motivated by the same greed. The big pharmaceutical companies coveting their patent monopolies, exploit consumers as much as the market will allow. The other villain is those that produce and profit from heroin production. Don't forget who created the Golden Triangle and what country is the largest producers of opium in the world.


  1. The question might be, why do people want to be taking these drugs? What is going on in their lives that causes them to resort to these drugs?

    The American medical system isn't great. With it being cheaper to take pain killers than have surgery, many opt for the drugs and later find they are addicted.

    Not until Americans have a decent medical system will they make any head way with addiction. Its not like Canada doesn't have its fair share of addicts, but some who became addicted via taking pain medication, their doctors ought to be sent back to school. They over prescribed.

  2. We all understand that this began with the take over of Afghan poppy fields by the USA started the American addiction to opoids by selling it to them truth hurts

  3. We all know the USA take over of Afghanistan poppy feilds was the start. Then the streets were flooded with oxy/percs then herion now synthetic opoids truth is there killing the druggies it's called over population control
    Oh ya heard of Phillipines drug control coming to a city near you
    Many hitlers are coming I grantee that sighn out... mountain 4---r peace out thanks for destroying my business appreciate it bigtime thanks goodbuy


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