Saturday, October 22, 2016

Philippines President embraces Communist China

Rodrigo Duterte, the raging lunatic who has told citizens to shoot anyone they claim is a drug dealer on sight has officially embraced Communist China. After denouncing the US for not supporting his complete abandonment of civl liberty he has boldly endorsed Communism. Big surprise. This is what happens when you elect a dictator. He embraces dictatorships.

He has given up Scarborough Shoal, which China seized from the Philippines in 2012 and sparked demonstrations by Filipinos around the world. Duterte says "We cannot win that. We can’t beat China.” So instead he wants to join them. The question now remains are his fellow Filipinos prepared for their nation to become a Comunist satellite?

Say hello to political prisoners and organ harvesting. Anything to make a buck.


  1. say hello to a new war or the continuation of a civil war. enquiring minds would ask how much this new president received for "changing" his mind. Quess the American offer wasn't high enough

  2. One must look at why the Philippines would choose to ally itself with China.

    One must also look at Obama's/Hillary's treatment of the Philippines.

    To understand said treatment, one must first understand the ideology behind it:

    So let's analyze the predictions:

    So why include Hillary? Because she was the Secretary of State for Obama.

    So what is wrong with Hillary:

    How and who shaped Hillary's ideology:

    How does this relate to China?

    First, one must take the time to understand Chinese ideology:

    Watch this video on the Chinese military:

    Then ask why such a significant military is needed?

    Is it purely to employ citizens and lower unemployment rates?

    Is it for self-defence because China faces a real threat from an antagonistic adversary that has made overt threats against it?

  3. Clinton Cash is good

    Why anyone would vote for Hillary is beyond me.


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