Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Second meth lab busted in Abbotsford

CTV is reporting that "For the second time in less than 48 hours Abbotsford authorities have raided what is believed to be a large-scale methamphetamine production lab in the Fraser Valley city. On Tuesday morning, the Abbotsford police and RCMP Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement (CLEAR) Team executed a warrant at a large property in the 1700-block of Mount Lehman Road. Aerial footage from the scene showed hundreds of barrels, white buckets and around a dozen empty chemical bottles placed on a tarp on the driveway."


  1. The close timing of the two suggest that the second raid may have been a follow-on operation based on intell generated out of the first one.....

    Obviously it's still cheaper/easier/more convenient/more profitable to run a lab in Canada than import finished product from Mexico. Wonder where all the chemicals came from?

  2. Looks like the Abbotsford police are working at things, unlike the Surrey RCMP. But then Abbotsford has their own police force and can respond much more quickly to issues with in their community.

    As to where they get the chemicals, some can be purchased locally, but anything which can't comes in from Communist China. We don't screen those big containers all that well and Canada abolished their port police a couple of decades ago. So its the individual cities which have ports which have to police them. Vancouver police already have enough work to do, so not much gets covered in the port here.

  3. Off Topic:

    CBC has an article up advising a press conference will be held Thursday Morning announcing 500 women who filed complaints and were part of the class action law suit will be compensated.

    Guess they really don't want this mess to come out in public.

    1. Interesting. That might not necessarily be a bad thing. If it cost them money, it might force them to rethink their status quo.

    2. i wanna be a cop and assault women. (sarcastic)

  4. Those who are guilty of harassment, etc. aren't the ones paying the compensation. It is you and me and others via our tax dollars. It may have to come out of the RCMP budget or the RCMP may have been given a one time lump sum to finish this. There is provisions for one time payments in the federal government.

    My concern is, no trial, no information for the public. I've got a feeling all complainants will sign non disclosure agreements. This will happen again and again, until the RCMP culture changes. The people who are guilty of the harassment, etc., many are still on the job. I'm sure the problems haven't stopped, nor will they.

    I can't think of a single corporation who racked up these types of complaints from this many women.

    I'm very happy for the people who will have their complaints finally settled. For many they will be able to progress with their lives, get treatment for their psychological issues, etc. All of this did demonstrate that when women stand together they can achieve. All of this also demonstrates what a dreadful work environment the RCMP is/was for women. We can only hope the work environment at the RCMP changes. that the culture becomes more in tune with today's standards of behaviour. How can women in this country go into an RCMP office expecting their concerns to be taken seriously when it took the RCMP this long to deal with the issues? A police organization which racked up 500 complainants, must mean there were approx. 250 to 500 officers who did the harassing, etc. wonder how these men treated the public, the witnesses, the victims? I personally would have liked an enquiry, not that one would have ever been done, but trials would have at least told Canadians some of what went on. Its our tax dollars which paid for all the salaries of the harassers and its all our tax dollars which will compensate the women. it ought to be the money from the harassers, who paid this. It will most likely run into the tens of millions.

  5. this morning the CBC news announced the deal is worth $100 Million, no wonder it had to go to T.B. There is no "non disclosure" deal required for the women involved. they are free to tell their stories. So this costs non of the guilty, only you and I via our taxes. I don't mind my tax dollars paying these women the money. I mind there is no disciplinary action against the men who caused all of this.

  6. This just hits me as being funny...like the local, Abbotsford?

    When I was there 15 years ago, it was a real bible Town.


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