Thursday, October 20, 2016

Police seize a kilo of fentanyl on Vancouver Island

The BC RCMP are reporting that the seized a kilo of fentanyl from a suspicious vehicle just south of Nanaimo near Cassidy Airport on Vancouver Island last week. Now they just have to take the next step and arrest the drug dealers in Whalley selling fentanyl mixed with other drugs.


  1. "The individual arrested was released pending charges."


  2. if there are no charges you can't hold an individual. Charges take time. Its not like they are usually going anywhere. It also cuts down on costs. They have the Fent. off the streets so really it doesn't matter where the person is. some might say, the person is back selling manufacturing, etc. but if that person is in jail someone else will simply take their job over. At least the cops know who to look for this way. Until you solve the problems which led to the drug taking, there isn't much which is going to change.

    People take drugs to get high. If they didn't get high, they wouldn't take the drugs. You have to wonder why we don't have the drug in Canada which prevents people from getting high or why it isn't more available in the U.S.A. The drug has been used in the U.S.A. as part of a program which has had some success.

  3. Must be blaze on Vancouver island

  4. e.a.f., AYFKM.... the moment the field test kit shows opiates, he's done. Or should be. If he got released it's because they want to collect intell on who he talks to etc..

    Oh wait, this is the RCMP. The same agency that had their uniformed member DARE co-ordinator found dead of an overdose with the needle still in his arm, having got his supply from the evidence locker....

    Never mind....

    1. Actually I remember that case. It happened in the Comox Valley. it was very sad for all who knew him.

      Now as to AYFKM, would you please spell that out for me.

    2. Let me google that for you.....

  5. No one would cuff that goof a kilo of anything. Plus if it was no wonder he was instantly released the goofball snitch.


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