Thursday, February 8, 2024

David Eby denounces Bell Media

CBC is reporting that "The premier of British Columbia went on a 2½-minute tirade Thursday morning as he called out the parent company of Bell Media, which had earlier announced thousands of layoffs and the sale of dozens of local radio stations in communities across Canada.Bell Media said separately it would be ending multiple television newscasts and making other programming cuts. Eby called on Ottawa to intervene." AYFKM?

This raging lunatic is the perfect example of everything that's wrong with the BC NDP. This is someone who has absolutely no business sense whatsoever railing on a company forced to make cut backs in the face of declining revenue in a changing market.

The Tyee of the left is reporting that "Eby Blasts ‘Corporate Vampires’ for Gutting Local News and Firing Journalists." Denouncing corporate vampires. That's the spirit. Let's raise their taxes. That'll show them. Actually it won't. Private companies need to make a profit. They do that in a free market. The problem is the market is changing. Television is being replaced by streaming.

How is this any different that what Post Media News has been doing? They have been slashing and burning the news industry for years so they can have a monopoly on public thought. David Eby and Justin Trudeau are a big part of that. Justin Trudeau's pissing match with big tech just saw a global blackout on Canadian's access to the news. These clowns just don't get it. Governments aren't supposed to create jobs, they're supposed to create a climate where business can thrive. Everyone is moving to Alberta because that's what their government is doing. The BC NDP is not. That's why everyone is leaving. People and business move to where taxes are low. When Liberal sh*t holes like California raise taxes all that does is force businesses to move out. That means they have less tax revenue than they did before they raised taxes.

Chile's Wildfires and another not so Smart City

CNN is reporting that "The devastating wildfires tearing across large parts of Chile are believed to be the country’s deadliest on record, according to the United Nations disaster agency, as firefighters struggle to contain more than 160 blazes after days of burning."

This video on TikTok shares some interesting anomalies. As the video points out the 4th Latin American Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems - LA SDEWES2024 was held in Vina del Mar, Chile January 14-17th. That's the City that just burned to the ground like Lahaina in Maui. CBS posted satellite images.

Tucker Carlson interviews Vladimir Putin

This is the link to Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Fatal shooting in Montreal

The Montreal Gazette is reporting that "The Montreal police are investigating what appears to have been a gangland settling of accounts carried out Tuesday evening in the parking lot of a busy West Island shopping mall. The victim, Stevens Cantave, 42, was a member of a Montreal street gang who had a criminal record. A police source confirmed reports identifying Cantave as the victim of the shooting outside a part of Galeries des Sources where many restaurants and a gym are located. Police responded to several 911 calls about the shooting on Sources Blvd., near Brunswick Blvd., just before 6 p.m. Cantave was declared dead at the scene."

"According to La Presse, Cantave had close ties to Marckens Vilme, a member of the Ruffriders, a street gang based in the West Island. In 2022, Vilme was one of three men convicted in Ontario of murdering a Hells Angel based in Ontario, Michael Deabaitua-Schulde, on March 11, 2019. The victim was shot after he left a gym at a busy plaza in Mississauga. Vilme was identified as one of the two shooters who killed the Hells Angel." Ontario vs Montreal chapters.

La Presse is reporting that "According to our information, Stevens Cantave would also have been, at least at a certain time, close to Atna Onha, another member of a blue street gang (the Ruffriders) who has often been talked about in the criminal world for several months."

CBC is reporting that "Atna Onha now claims the status of Godfather of Street Gangs that Greg Woolley had before he was shot and killed."

La Presse reported that Atna Onha met with Frantz Louis in a Laval park 6 months before he was killed along with Gilles Lambert and Fran├žois Vachon, both members of the Hells Angels’ Montreal chapter, as well as Joseph Chamai a man linked to Lebanese organized crime.

15-year-old charged in fatal shooting in New Brunswick

City News is reporting that "Police in New Brunswick say a 15-year-old has been charged with manslaughter following the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old. The RCMP say they responded to a report of a shot fired at a home on Sands Drive in Moncton Monday at around 9:20 p.m. and found a 16-year-old inside with an apparent gunshot wound. He was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries. At around 10:30 p.m., police arrested a 15-year-old in connection with their investigation. The youth appeared in Moncton provincial court today and was charged with manslaughter. He is scheduled to return to court Wednesday.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Tucker Carlson visits Russia

This Vancouver man opened a store selling tested cocaine and heroin. Then he died of an overdose.

Update: NP View:The safer supply farce is unravelling

CBC is reporting that "Krista Thomas stands on the intersection of Main and Cordova streets in Vancouver where her late partner, Jerry Martin, once set up a mobile store selling tested heroin, cocaine and other illicit drugs. Martin, 51, died Friday following a suspected fentanyl overdose, according to Thomas, who is still in shock."

"Martin made national and international headlines in May of this year after he was arrested for opening his drug store. He wanted to give people a safer supply of drugs as the toxic drug crisis continued to kill hundreds of people in B.C. each month."

The irony of his dying of a drug overdose speaks for itself. There is no such thing as a safe supply of poison. This whole Satanic narrative about safe supply is literally insane.

The Four Pillars Program contains Four Pillars not One. 1) Prevention. You teach kids that harmful drugs are harmful. You don't teach them a safe way to smoke crack, crystal meth or fentanyl because there is no safe way. Those drugs are harmful and when you tell kids or the mentally ill that there is a safe way to use harmful drugs you are lying to them.

People are smoking fentanyl now and injecting cocaine. You have all lost your f*cking mind and your morals. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your lies have a motive and an agenda. Helping humanity is not part of it. You are killing people with your lies about safe supply.

2) Treatment. The Portugal model succeeded because they made treatment mandatory. The WEF freaks don't talk about treatment they talk about Medically Assisted Suicide. That is empirical evidence their compassionate claims are a lie. If you want to help someone break free of slavery, help them don't harm them. Denying treatment is harming them.

3) Harm Reduction: This is the most overused lie in the book. Needle exchanges use to be the definition of harm reduction. Aids was a concern. To reduce the spread of Aids the city would hand out free needles in exchange for a dirty needle. It was an exchange. You handed a used needle in and received a new clean needle in return. One could understand the argument.

Sadly that was just the foot in the door and the real Agenda was revealed. Instead of exchanging needles they just started handing out needles like smarties. They didn't have to save their used needle so they just threw it away on the sidewalk, in the park, near the school, even in the isles of the grocery store. I kid you not. Addicts developed a defiant disregard for anyone else.

Oh but that wasn't enough. That was just the second step in their Agenda. Next they started handing out mouthpieces for crack pipes. I was like WTF are you doing?! You don't get Aids from a crack pipe. Then their rage continued to snowball. They instantly threw away the mouth piece and just started handing out crack pipes and crystal meth pipes and I said God Damn you. There is no justification for that. You don't get Aids from a crack pipe.

This isn't my first rodeo. I've seen how we got here and I know how to get out. 4) Enforcement. You enforce the law. It's that simple. Back in the /80's when I was in New York City with the Guardian Angels Tut would sometimes give talks to kids in school. Let me paint a picture.

Tut was literally a super hero IRL. I didn't notice it until later after Fox pointed it out but now looking back I can clearly see it. Tut wasn't incredibly tall or big. He was very lean, very fit and very flexible. He was very competent in the martial arts. I saw him spar on many occasions. He'd take out guys twice his size with ease. Tut was the real Black Panther.

Every step he took was dripping with confidence. He wasn't arrogant. He was just filled with calm competence. He wore a Wall street trench coat over his colors and a black narrow silk tie underneath. Tut had swag. Tut was swag. I remember the day when he brought home his first pair of urban camos. He was like bust this everyone. This sh*t is fresh. It certainly was.

He'd walk into the school assembly where he was asked to speak and the kids were awestruck. He'd speak on the harmful effects of drugs. Back then, before all the liberal freaks started handing out free crack pipes addicts would punch a small hole in an old pop can and use that. So here's Tut standing in from of an auditorium full of young kids. He'd hold up a crumpled pop can and say what do drugs do?! Then he'd raise the pop can up in the air and say drugs make you high and the kids all repeated him. Then he says but what happens when the drugs wear off? The crowd was silent. He drops the pop can and it makes a loud crashing sound then Tut says they make you crash. Then all the kids cheer and repeat him. It was a powerful image from a powerful man.

Tut would tell the kids drugs are bad. That's prevention. Tut would tell the kids I don't do drugs. I don't need them. That's being a role model. That is what kids are missing in the world today. Where have all the role models gone? It's up to us to lead by example but it all starts with the simple truth the WEF freaks refuse to recognize drugs are bad for you. If we are ever going to get out of this hell hole that we've created we need to start by confronting that primary lie. There is no safe supply, drugs are bad for you, don't do them. If your addicted we can help. Get treatment.

There's one simple reason we are losing the war on drugs. It's because we never fought it. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men and women to remain silent and do nothing.

I do not support the Keep the Surrey RCMP Circus Freaks

Let me be clear. The Keep the Surrey RCMP cabal of circus freaks do not represent me. They defiantly represent everything that's wrong with the RCMP and refuses to change.

Recently the BC NDP canceled a fundraiser dinner in Surrey after reports of protesters planning to crash it. There were actually three separate groups of protesters. Anti SOGI, Keep the Surrey RCMP and Pro Palestinian. Let's talk about deception and healthy boundaries.

Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own municipal police force. The dirty tricks the Surrey RCMP have pulled to fight that trend are shameful. That is what has convinced me it has to happen. The growing concern about Justin Trudeau ties to the WEF reinforce the meed for regional representation not federal domination.

How the RCMP set up Cameron Ortis just to end civilian oversight and public acountability was a national disgrace. The RCMP's high end ties to CSIS and the Five Eyes are a huge concern. The Five Eyes, the NSA and the CIA are not good. Neither is CSIS. CSIS and the RCMP need civilian oversight and public accountability. Yet they will do anything and everything they can to prevent it.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Northern Ireland's self government has begun

The New York Times is reporting that "Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain took an unaccustomed victory lap on Monday, visiting Belfast to celebrate the restoration of Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government. His ministers struck a deal last week that brought the North’s disaffected unionists back into the territory’s assembly."

CBC is reporting that "An Irish nationalist made history Saturday by becoming Northern Ireland's first minister as the government returned to work after a two-year boycott by unionists. Northern Ireland's parliament appointed Sinn Fein Vice-President Michelle O'Neill to oversee the government that, under the terms of the 1998 Good Friday peace accord, shares power between Northern Ireland's two main communities — British unionists who want to stay in the U.K., and Irish nationalists who seek to unite with Ireland."

"Neither side can govern without agreement from the other. Government business ground to a half over the past two years after the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) walked out to protest trade issues related to Brexit. O'Neill will share power with Deputy First Minister Emma Little-Pengelly from the DUP. The two will be equals, but O'Neill, whose party captured more seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly in the 2022 elections, will hold the more prestigious title."

Sunday, February 4, 2024

SixAK_TV and the Hells Angels in Quebec

SixAK_TV seems to be stepping up his game recently. Up until now his specialty has been the Indo Canadian gangs in Metro Vancouver. However, he recently put out two interesting posts about the Hells Angels in Quebec. One was about Gerald Gallant. The other was about Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel and the Blood Mafia Family.

Gerald Gallant is a familiar name. He was a Hells Angels hitman who became a police informant. Evidently he was busted for credit card fraud in Switzerland. There have been a few active shooters for the Hells Angels who ended up flipping and started working for the police. The first one that I became aware of was Yves Apache Trudeau. The reason he flipped was because he survived an assassination attempt by his employer kind of like DK. No L&R there.

Yves was slated to be killed at the Lennoxville massacre. Then there was Danny Kane. I was initially surprised to hear hit men turn informants but I guess the reason was the club tended to order hits on their hit men to tie up lose ends.

OK so now let's talk about Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel and the Blood Mafia Family. This is the first I've heard of the guy but SixAK_TV brings up some relevant points. The picture up top is of Dave Turmel and Roobens Denis. It carries an air of similarity of the partnership between Mom Boucher and Greg Wooley. SixAK_TV is reporting that "Dave ‘Pic’ Turmel is the leader of the BMF (Blood Mafia Family), a street gang in Quebec who opts to represent themselves with the color red, hence the term blood. Even though he is the leader of a Blood-style gang, Turmel is white."

OK this is the first time I've heard of the Black Mafia Family and it's somewhat ironic they're led by a while guy although they are a predominately black gang but it's all possible. I knew of the Vice Lords and the Black Gangster Disciples in Chicago back in the /80's but that was a long time ago.

Through Greg Wooley Mom Boucher and the Hells Angels supplied all the Crips in Montreal with drugs. Only they wanted it all. Greg Wooley called a meeting of all the black street gangs in Montreal. The Hells Angels wanted to tax them all. They invited the Bo Gars short for Beau Garsons. They identified with the colour red and the Bloods while the Crips were blue.

Chenier Dupuy was the leader of the Bo Gars and when Greg Wooley tried to tax him, Chenier slapped Greg Wooley in the face in front of everyone. Shortly after that defiant act, the Hells Angels shot him dead. Now we see a similarity between Roobens Denis and Chenier Dupuy. They are both with black gangs that refuse to pay the HA tax. Only Roobens Denis has back up.

"He took a brazen stance in 2023 when refused to pay the Quebec City Hells Angels their 10% tax. The tax being collected by Guerin. This is the first time this has happened in the history of Quebec since the Quebec Biker War ended in 2002." SixAK_TV is reporting that on November 27th, 2023 Michel ‘Doune’ Guerin the Hells Angles tax collector was shot dead in Quebec City. Kind of like how the Vietnamese gangs beheaded Zeke in Nanaimo.

Again I don't support any of this. I'm not cheering on one side over the other. It's a dirty life with no future. Sure it's a lot of money and a quick buck but greed always takes over and most of these guys end up dead. He who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Those who fight against a law abiding society shall fight amongst themselves and shall be drunk with their own blood.

As SixAK_TV pointed out Marc ‘Marco’ Roberge "used to be a member of the Rock Machine MC before switching patches to HA." As I previously reported that whole Quebec Biker War was a farce. Mom Boucher was friends with Salvatore Cazzetta before, during and after the war with the Rock Machine. Salvatore was just killing Boucher's political rivals. After Boucher went to prison, Salvatore and all the other RM leaders crossed over and became leaders in the HAs.