Wednesday, November 3, 2010

California rejects legalization of marijuana

Well this vote was closely watched in BC. Tuesday voters in California voted on Proposition 19 which was a proposal to legalize small quantities of marijuana. 55% of voters were against it while 45% of voters were for it. Consequently it failed.

“There’s no way to reverse this. The momentum is on our side,” said Vancouver resident Jodie Emery, wife of activist and self-styled “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, who is serving time in a U.S. prison for selling marijuana seeds online.

Yeah that's right. We're gonna keep re voting it until we get the answer WE want. That makes perfect sense in a democratic world. We want our rights, not their rights. I see. The results aren't very surprising.

Although we watched the results closely as the yes side did have a strong support base, it was hard to conceive that the State that just voted to ban gay marriage would vote to legalize marijuana.

What I see from this is that we need mandatory minimum sentences for selling crack or meth not for possession of pot. That would only make sense.


  1. CNews

    "69% of B.C. residents think harsh crime laws are ineffective and that B.C. is better off taxing and regulating pot and 12% support keeping current marijuana laws."

    "This comes after an Angus Reid poll released last month showed 87% of British Columbians believe gang violence is linked to the fight for control over the illegal marijuana trade."

    “In B.C., organized crime is reaping billions from the illegal marijuana industry and increasingly consolidating its hold through violence,” said coalition member and retired RCMP chief superintendent Vince Cain."

    “Legally, regulating marijuana in B.C. would eliminate a primary source of revenue for these criminal groups, reduce gang violence and generate tax revenue.”

    Seems the evidence is in, and BC'ers support a freer hand on marijuana...

    that's not some hippie talking...

  2. Yeah and Harper is taking us in the completely opposite direction with mandatory minimum sentences for growing pot which will prevent us from being able to afford to implement mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime, hard drugs or chronic offenders. Go figure. I guess it was the Reform party that promised to make decisions based on referendums. Harper is taking us back to Mulroneyism.


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