Monday, November 1, 2010

Joe Calendino

Yesterday the Vancouver Province ran a huge front page article with a two page follow up about a former Hells Angel named Joe Calendino. This is the guy that got one day in jail for selling crack.

Seemingly he is no longer addicted to crack and the police have him speaking to High School students about gangs. Normally I'd say this is a great thing. Him overcoming his addiction to crack is fantastic. However, I am somewhat concerned about how he's not being completely honest with the kids. He can't be. If he was honest with the kids, he'd be dead.

The article claims Joe used to be a full patch member of the Hells Angels and that the drugs, his erratic behaviour and a nasty incident in a Kelowna casino had earned him the boot from the bikers.

Here we have a few misconceptions. True the Hells Angels don't like their dealers using too much of the product. Just ask the Lennoxville Massacre about that. True they don't like erratic behaviour that generates bad press. Just ask Juel Stanton about that.

However, the bottom line is that he was a patch member and he was arrested for selling crack cocaine to an undercover cop near a SkyTrain station. Kinda confirms what I have been saying about the Hells Angels being in charge of the crack that's sold at Surrey Central. Only I said they had puppets sell it for them not patch members. No wonder he got in trouble.

I'm concerned with the false image this guys gives kids about the group. The Hells Angels profit from the sale of crack. There is no question about that. To say he was kicked out of the Hells Angels for selling crack is absurd. James Coulter I see as trustworthy. He's not giving the false impression that the UN doesn't sell drugs.

Then there was the casino incident he claims he was famous for. Here we have a big guy who gives a smaller guy the boots for no reason with the help of his friend. This is what gang members do. Despite their size and martial arts they don't fight one on one. They are bullies.

I appreciate the fact that he went to rehab and got off the crack. I respect the fact that he was reunited with his family and took some University courses. However, many lawyers for the Hells Angels went to University and it's hard to respect that. I do respect he's working with the Odd Squad from the VPD which the VPD Ninja is also involved.

I'm just very concerned that impressionable kids are given any information that would lead them to believe that the Hells Angels are anything but another gang that sells drugs and commits murder indiscriminately. Nevertheless I wish Joe Calendino well and hope "the boys" leave him alone.


  1. Once again, you seem to have overlooked important details, and misrepresented facts with the intention of supporting your arguments.

    1) at the time of Calendino's arrest, he had been ejected from the Hells Angels, and was therefore no longer a member in good standing of the Hells Angels. He was selling 0.1 grams to the officer. Probably a street value of ~$10-$20. This crime was commited by Calendino for the sole purpose of supporting an addiction that Calendino credits to taking part in gang life. In short, the fact that Calendino USED to be a patched Angel and was arrested POST EJECTION from the club does nothing to support any of your arguments. Once again, you have misinterpreted, and misrepresented facts to further your own opinions (that are often baseless).

    2. Again, if you had read the article (and previous articles), and refrained from editorializing facts to push your agenda(even at the cost of becoming a liar) you would note that the article never stated that he had his patch pulled for selling drugs, nor did Calendino for that matter. It was taken due to his addiction to drugs and erratic behavior. Taken prior to his drug arrest. But as usual, details are not important to you.

    3. as for the last paragraph you offered, you state you're "very concerned that impressionable kids are given any information that would lead them to believe that the Hells Angels are anything but another gang that sells drugs and commits murder." Nothing in the article(s) you reference comes remotley close to justifying this concern. One article states bluntly that Calendino is," warning them (at risk youth) about the pitfalls of gang life from his front-line experience." Sounds to me like he acknowleges that he was in a gang. Where you would get any other impression is a mystery to me.

    It would appear that your latest blog post does little more than attempt to smear a reformed man's name, and downplay his accomplishments and community service. Insinuating that he would try and advocate the existance of the HA, or deny their gang status is a baseless accusation, and no article you could reference would support the claims you make. You should be ashamed. The man that is the center of this article is contributing to his community, and trying to make up for past offences. What have you done lately? Slung childish insults at photos of gang members? Drawn irrational conclusions from half truths that you provide your readers with? Maybe take a page from Calendino's book.

    Now, I know you'll probably draw some abscure reference to other members of the hells angels dealing drugs. Something that has nothing to do with the case of Calendino. Maybe you'll ask your favorite question of whether or not he knew Geoff Meisner; a question you include in so many of your blogs, that has no foundation, and implies guilt of people with no just cause. I don't defend the hells angels, nor do I claim they don't deal drugs. I know the evils they commit and that they should be purged like the common thugs they are. Do yourself a favor though, stick to facts. Give yourself some credibility. Otherwise you come off as an unintelligent conpiracy theorist that can't seem to get his facts straight. Give the hurling insults a rest as it takes away from your credibility, and makes you seem utterly juvenile and abnoxious.

    You're blog and registry may have started out as a progressive and honorable idea, but it has deteriorated to nothing more than a tabloid, full of half truths, insinuation, linking individuals to events with no foundation to do so, and out and out misrepresentation of facts. Wise up.

  2. Wow, thanks for the feedback. I’d say my blog is part tabloid, part cartoons or satire.

    Chris said: “you would note that the article never stated that he had his patch pulled for selling drugs, nor did Calendino for that matter.” Correct. The article never said he was kicked out for selling drugs. The statement I quoted from the article cited three reasons and since they lumped them all together one could get the impression that he was kicked out for selling drugs which I’m glad we both agree is false.

    Your number 3 is valid. I haven’t heard the guy speak. I haven’t met him so it’s really impossible to judge him or the sincerity of his reform which would include the counsel he gives to wayward youth. He might be the greatest thing since sliced bread. If that is the case then I hope the Hells Angels leave him alone and let him do good as I concluded in my post.

    It’s just hard for me to trust anything that comes from Hells Angels any more. The lies are endless. Yes I could cite a long list of other Hells Angels that have been convicted of selling drugs something that is very relevant to the case of Mr. Calendino since that is what the group he used to belong to does.

    David Habib had a former boxer come and speak to his students about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Many think given his family’s associations that publicity stunt was profoundly hypocritical. Many would not. You may not care about what happened to Geoff Meisner but I’m sure his kids do. We are told that his disappearance and Britney Irving’s murder were drug related. That would implicate the gang that controls the drugs in their area. To me that is of profound significance.

  3. I agree that on occasion Agent K goes off the rails a tad. But, overall, I think he performs a valuable service in asking questions out loud that we all think.

    I believe that most people who read this don't take it all as gospel. But he does speak names and posts photos that no one else would.

    Good for Calendino for changing his life. The blog post that K wrote didn't particularly sway me one way or the other. It's just another interesting slant. The same that Chris's post is his slant on things. And, luckily, this blog is open to those who disagree.

  4. Rails? Are there rails we’re supposed to ride on? No wonder I keep getting lost. Good for Calendino for changing his life indeed. Let’s just remember who sent him down the wrong path.


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