Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cranbrook murder tied to Hells Angels associate

LeaAnne MacFarlane and Jeff Taylor were gunned down May 29 2010 in their newly rented Cranbrook home. It was previously rented by a former drug dealer. They were killed by mistake.

Police announced Wednesday that four people - Lonnie Adams, Colin Correia, Lorne Carry and Chad Munroe - have each been charged with conspiracy to commit murder for allegedly plotting a hit on rival drug trafficker Doug Mahon.

Doug Mahon had earlier been charged after a shooting in front of the Sam Steele Hotel on Oct. 29, 2009. The victim was Munroe, who once was convicted of causing a disturbance at Big White along with Mission Hells Angel Jason Arkinstall.

So here we have someone shoot at a Hells Angels associate. Then we have that Hells Angels associate accused of plotting with three other guys to murder the guy who shot at the Hells Angels associate. Only they murder the wrong people by mistake.

This is first degree murder. When you plan to kill someone and end up killing an innocent person by mistake, that should carry a greater punishment than just killing a rival drug dealer.

In Ontario the Hells Angels were not only convicted of drug trafficking, they were convicted of using violence to take over the drug trade in smaller cities. That clearly appears to be what we are now seeing in British Columbia.

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