Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kelowna Hells Angels arrested with guns in Salmon Arm

Did ya see the cover of the Vancouver Sun today? It was a special on the Hells Angels. The Vancouver Province ran the article too. Four men linked to the Kelowna Hells Angels are expected to appear in a Salmon Arm court this week after the RCMP found a cache of weapons during a routine traffic stop Thursday night.

The police found a large cache of weapons in the possession of four Hells Angels when they pulled them over for speeding. The officer smelt marijuana which was just cause for a search of the car. Only our brain dead judicial system will likely say the search was in violation of their charter right and let them go free again. The charter doesn't give them the right to speed after smoking a blunt with a cache of firearms in their vehicle.

Note that these "patch" members were driving a car not riding a motorcycle. The items seized included several firearms, including a sawed-off shot gun, a large quantity of ammunition, and three handguns. There was also bullet-proof vests, balaclavas, a baseball bat, an axe handle, knives, bear spray and a radio jamming device designed to block outgoing transmissions.

Facing a series of charges are full-patch member Joseph Bruce Skreptak, 43; and associates Carl Ennis, 39, Dennis Miner, 35 and Cory Montemurro, 40.

Skreptak is a former member of the East End Chapter who was one of the first to move to Kelowna to set up a "charter" of the notorious biker gang there. That chapter formally opened in the summer of 2007.

Keane said all four arrested were "sporting insignia of the Hells Angels organization."

East Vancouver chapter members living in the Kelowna retirement village starting shit all over the province. What are we supposed to do? We either take up arms or lobby the government to enforce the law because they are not doing it in BC. Just ask McLean's.

They had guns. They were wearing Hells Angels colours. This wasn't just four men. The Hells Angels as an organization need to be tried with the firearm violation. This was not the first offence for that organization in BC. Randy Potts was found with six guns, four silencers and four grenades. The entire organization should get a lifetime firearm ban that needs to be enforced.

Gun crimes carry a maximum 10-year and a mandatory minimum one-year sentence. Parliament enacted a mandatory three-year minimum for the gun crimes in May 2008. So now we need mandatory minimum sentences for the use of a firearm to commit a crime and for the possession of a firearm after a lifetime ban was issued.


Just out of curiosity, let's speculate what on earth four Hells Angels could possibly have been doing with guns, ammunition, bear spray, bullet proof vest, cell phone jammers and balaclavas. You would think with that kind of arsenal they'd be off to rob a bank. Someone posted a comment on one of the news reports and said they must have been on their way to rob a grow op. What else would they be using the cell phone jammers for? I'll admit it's an interesting theory. Certainly more likely than they were off to rob a bank.

Especially since Hells Angels support gear was found at a grow op in Kelowna. Especially since Juel Stanton and his brother robbed grow ops in the Lower mainland and took them over for the Hells Angels.


Kelowna Hells Angel Joseph Skreptak is now also facing charges of aggravated assault, assault, uttering threats and breaking and entering to commit a criminal offence in regards to an assault which took place at a Kelowna residence.

Another Kelowna Hells Angel charged with B & E. Sounds like Kelowna Hells Angels Robert Thomas. If the hells Angels do B&E's then who are the real rats anyways? That's so Surrey rat car thief, not big time gangsters.


  1. Cory, Cory, Cory what are you doing?
    Hope the right people notice that you are Facebook friends with almost everyone that knew Britney Irving and Geoff Meisner. Did you make them go away with your collection of toys?

  2. I am hoping the whole thing gets blown wide open soon. Kelowna used to be such a heavenly place, since the HA came to town, things have spiralled downward. Perhaps Tammy Meissner has been threatened by the crew that offed Geoff and she is afraid to speak for fear of retribution. Let's remember the HA likes to control and loving bikers alright. I walked into the strip bar (Liquid Zoo) for the 1st time a few years ago, and was completely stared down by the "Round Table" and their associates. They didn't know who I was...and they we're being paranoid. Sure, I am clean cut...probably I could be mistaken for a cop, it was such a paranoia trip on their part. I stayed for a few minutes and decided my $$ was best spent somewhere actually welcoming!

    Lets Hypothesize for a minute:
    (From the Spokane newspapers)

    $500,000 seized at the border by a 66 yr old guy (getting 2% cut) and who started doing illegal runs the beginning of January, and gets busted on run #4 in May. Half a million a month going south to Arizona (most likely) to an airstrip with the $$ ending up in Mexico, or South America) It may have been their "Monthly Installment" to the cartel, or their US connection.

    Now we have 4 Kelowna clowns in Salmon Arm driving a rental vehicle, with lots of firepower, vests, balaclavas, radio jammers??? Could it have been a grow rip job? Or were they going to pay Colin Martin a visit?

    CARDINAL RULE #1: DON'T SPEED! (when you are carrying weaponery / drugs down the highway)

    They sooo deserve to go to jail, and get their asses kicked. (Which is coming...cause you just drew a TON of heat to HAMC! Hey Cory...Be a man...go ahead and tell the cops what you know. You're in over your head anyways!

    Cory Montemurro is very well known in Kelowna...and he's going to be ducking alot of people for the next few years (not to mention the other 3) His Facebook friends list is a "who's who" of the drug scene in Kelowna! Drug Dealers should use Facebook more often, it's kind of a contradiction of terms....cause if you're trying to run a "legal" business as a drug dealer...your clients just may see you for what you REALLY are. It also saves the police alot of time wondering who you hang out with as well. They LOVE it!

    It's time for somebody to step up and start talking... or perhaps the easiest route is to press our federal Government MPs to bring new legislation and designate the HAMC as a terrorist organization....if 10 million sign a petition it's a done deal. We can take back our country / fair city and beat the HA at their own game.

  3. That’s a good point about Tammy. Another reason she likely didn’t say anything about Geoff’s involvement with the Hells Angels and the Kingpin crew to the media was fear. I’m sure many people know what happened to him and to Britney but are afraid to report it to the police.

  4. I wonder if this group of tourists had been in Prince George lately?


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