Friday, November 12, 2010

Britney Irving still waits for justice

OK so Gimli knew Brittney. Interesting but not really significant. Tammy knew Brittney too but that doesn't make her a suspect. Surely everyone that has been seen with Britney isn't a suspect. Yet finding out who supplied her with Oxycontin would be important. Maybe Britney got her Oxy from the same place Shane Bunting got his since they all hung out together?

So Joey was arrested but is he out on bail? That would be rather bizarre. Letting someone charged with murder out on bail as soon as they do away with the two for one pretrial credit.

Clearly Britney will never see justice in this life. Douglas Kuntz never saw justice. Kuntz was murdered because someone owed him money. The people who were hired to kill him were convicted but the person who hired them to commit the murder wasn't. No doubt the same thing will happen in the Britney Irving case.

When justice sleeps, innocent suffer.


  1. With both Geoff and Britney's blogs someone has posted comments :
    - A Bayliner boat

    - A friend of Britney's that has a helicopter

    Does anyone know who this person is ??

  2. OK I’m getting names a bit mixed up. Someone posted something about a Hells Angel with gold in the name. I’m assuming they were referring to Richard Goldammer who is listed as the owner of the Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse. However, one would assume that since East Vancouver Hells Angel Hans Kurt owns waterfront property at 179 Vimy Avenue in Kelowna that he would likely own a Bayliner or similar type of pleasure craft.

  3. I believe Colin Martin owns a helicopter:

  4. the helicopter is a guy on the highway outside of enderby..lots of expencive cars and has a HUGE shop ...maby set up like colins... he flys out atleast 4 times a week..apparently he was 1 of many of Brittneys boyfriends


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