Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Gang Violence in Prince George

Here's a bizarre and ruthless one. A 60 year old woman in a wheelchair is in critical condition in a hospital in Prince George after a suspicious house fire that police believe is linked to gang activity.

Police say a tenant in the house is a known gang member who is currently incarcerated at the Prince George Regional Corrections facility. Police say the tenant operates the local Twisted Soul Tattoo Shop on 7th Avenue, which was burned in a fire just 24 hours earlier.

250 News reports that Joey Arrance, who is listed as the holder of the business licence for the Twisted Soul Tattoo and Body Piercing Shop, is behind bars. Kim Bolan reports that it was Joey Arrance's girlfriend's mother who was injured in the fire.

Someone posted a comment on one of the news articles that said "Shades of Billy Moore." William Moore was the former president of the Renegades in Prince George who was charged with cocaine trafficking in a drug sweep. Two months later was found shot to death in his car outside his house in March 2005. The house had been torched.

"We understand that the woman injured in this fire was related to a known gang member and we believe the suspicious fire at the Twisted Soul Tattoo Shop and this fire are somehow connected. This is an unsettling example of how innocent people are affected by organized crime as the violence they inflict on each other also affects the entire community," said RCMP Const. Lesley Smith.

Let's pause for a moment and speculate what on earth a possible motive could have been. The gang member was incarcerated so they weren't going after him. Although burning down his tattoo shop would indeed affect him, they also targeted one of his relatives. A 60 year old woman in a wheel chair.

Now you tell me - who is the real rat here? Someone who intentionally burns down a house with a 60 year old wheelchair bound woman in side or the person who reports them to the police? The answer should be clear.

Ah but I said motive. Well it's unlikely he was a member of a rival gang since the Hells Angels are affiliated with the Independent Soldiers as well as the Renegades, the Crew and the Game Tight Soldiers in Prince George. I can understand burning down his place of business but his home where his elderly mother or relative lives with her inside? From what I've seen that kind of malicious MO has only been seen in one club. The same club that threatened Devon Quast's grandmother when he was incarcerated trying to prevent him from giving the police any info.

Here me - if you have any information about these arsons at all, call Crimestoppers because the real rats aren't the ones that report this kind of deranged crime, the real rats are the ones who do the crime and the ones that look the other way. Word. If you don't want to contact Crimestoppers, contact me because I want to know.


Tragically the wheelchair bound women later died of her injuries incurred in the fire.


  1. This sounds like yet another lackluster ploy to get easy info by lazy-assed Prince George RCMP-not to find the "Perps", but to eliminate competition in their drug distribution endeavours.

    If any of you believe that PG cops aren't responsible for almost ALL the serious crime there, then you really need to clip your ears to prevent your head from fusing to your colon.

    Hey...I've got all sorts of names of corrupt, crooked cops in PG, and it's not just me that knows what they have done there the past 35 years. I made my attempts to apprise the public years ago, but no one apparently gives a flying fuck.

    So keep your pathetic, backwoods cop town to yourselves. Anyone with any brains at all would vamoose the hell out of there pronto, and leave cop town to the cops. Eventually, they'll have to turn on each other to entertain themselves--that should be an interesting read.

    Prince George is a scum city because of the greedy, corrupt good-ol'-boys.

    You want names?
    If I give you the names, what are you going to do with them, or more importantly, what are you going to do about the REAL perpetrators of crime there?

    Here: I'll answer it for you: Nothing.

    You morons are caught up in a maelstrom of corruption, and are so busy dodging debris and trying to stay afloat that you're oblivious to your penchant for finding yourself in that very same predicament time and time again.

    Get out of there.
    It's that simple.
    Leave the corrupt town to the corrupt cops, and eventually they'll get so bored that they'll start conjuring up ways to attack each other.

    They're animals.
    Responsible for more murders, wrongful deaths, pain, suffering, stress, misery and trauma than all of the "criminals" there combined.

    And let's not forget their judicial cohorts that fill the roles of middlemen, from certain lawyers, sheriffs, courthouse staff and judges, to Crown prosecutors---they're all directly playing a part and indirectly lapping up the skimmed cream.

    Don't believe me?
    Well....that's just too fucking bad for you, then, isn't it?
    Keep living your life with your head up your ass, then.
    Hopefully one of these socio/psychopaths will turn on you one day---then you'll finally understand.


    1. If you have a names of corrupt cops in PG I am interested. There's not much I can do other than write about them. Which means I would need to find stuff on them. The Hells Angels clearly run the drug trade in PG. If any dirty cops are assisting them, I'd love to hear about it. We do know there was a PG court judge convicted of sexually abusing some under age Native prostitutes in PG. There seems to have been a large cover up of that at the time.


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