Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fentanyl bust in Chilliwack

News 1130 is reporting that police seized several kilos of pot, cocaine, meth, crack, MDMA and 13 kilos of Fentanyl in Chilliwack. Usually Fentanyl is measured in number of pills not kilos so this must have been raw product before it made it to the pill press. It states the drug network was based in Chilliwack but was operating between Williams Lake and Fort St. John. Hmmmm. big city gangs expanding into new small town markets. I wonder's who's MO that is.

The CFSEU is reporting that in one apartment they seized 10 kilos of cocaine, a cocaine press and 28 kg of Phenacetin and caffeine used as a cutting agent.

During the execution of the five search warrants on February 26 2015 police seized 1.6 kilos of crystal meth, 2.5 kilos of cocaine, 2.1 kg of Fentanyl powder and clarified that the 12.83 kg of Fentanyl pills was approximately 43,000 pills. I guess it's too many to count and easier to weigh. They also seized 56 kilos of Phenacetin and 54 ‘tubs’ of MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane which are both used as cutting agents for cocaine to water it down and make more money.

Police also seized three handguns, two semi automatic rifles and two sub machine guns.

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  1. Someone's going to be owing a certain group a lot of money for what was taken.

    There is also going to be a lot of worry about who is going to tell what.

    Mind you, there would be nothing to worry about if the temptation of pride and greed had not been acted upon in the first place. It is not like the people involved got involved and this was their very first and sole act of this nature.

    It starts out small - by using marijuana - and once use of that drug has been accepted it opens the gate to all the rest of the actives that lead to where these people were were caught were as well as to continue on to a group that now tries to disguise itself as an MC.


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