Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Harvey Riach

In 2013 the CBC reported that the Vancouver police are warning the public that a 66-year-old man with a lengthy criminal history was released from prison Friday afternoon and will be living in Vancouver after spending more than six years in prison for aggravated assault. His name is Harvey Riach. He has been deemed a high risk to reoffend. Police state he poses a risk of significant harm to vulnerable people, including substance abusers, sex workers, and others with whom he may come into contact. Vulnerable people. Pathetic. People are claiming this is James Riach's father.


  1. I believe this is old news. Your link says 2013 anyway.

    1. Ah yes, you are correct. Someone just sent it to me and I missed the date. However, I think it is highly relevant. The Surrey Six happened a long time ago and we still talk about it. James Riach getting busted for drug trafficking in the Philippines with Spike's niece makes it worth while to take the time to look at the background of all these Hells Angel associates to see what kind of people we are really dealing with.

    2. Absolutely.... Just wanted to point that out.......... Same story on different site has a commentor claiming Harvey's eye was dug out by one of his victims during an attack. Don't know if it's true though..... Can only hope it is I guess, lol.

  2. thats james riach's dad agent k.


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