Friday, March 13, 2015

Surrey Motorcyclist runs from police through Shopping mall

I'm all for riding motorcycles. For anyone who does ride, there's nothing worse than a pos on a bike passing on the right, weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights. It gives a bad name for all the real motorcyclists out there. Anyone who does that is just a pos kid who never grew up.

In Surrey it gets worse. One loser on a Harley gets pulled over for recklessness driving while leaving the drug area around the Front Room in Whalley and runs from the cops. He even rides through Guildford mall endangering pedestrians in the mall with their kids. Simply because he's a pos that has absolutely no regard for anyone else.

News 1130 ran the story with the video. This is the video on Youtube. If you look at the still at the end of the video you will see the Harley has a Support your Local Hells Angels Haney sticker on it. Don't support you local piece of sh*t any more.


  1. Any sticker that states "hells angels" on it was given to the person by a full patch member.

    These cannot be purchased - only the "big red machine" or "81" or other such terms for that club - can be purchased.

    Therefore, this person is an associate member of the HA.

    He probably panicked and fled because he either had drugs on himself that he was delivering to dealers or money from the proceeds of crime he just picked up from dealers; or both.

    If neither of these factors were present there would have been no reason for this person to act in this manner.

    Therefore, logic dictates that ultimately it is the HA who are the cause of this (for without them this person could not be an associate member nor could he be dealing drugs for them).

    Therefore, logic also dictates they need to be held accountable for this.

    They will, assuredly, blame the individual's actions on the individual (which is also true) while ignoring the primary (prime) factor(s) which caused these actions in the first place.

    Even worse, some mass reactionaries may even blame the police and try to claim that if the police would not have been there, chased him, drugs were legalized, et cetera, ad nauseam, this would never have happened. To those who are in that extreme minority, I will give the profound professional statement: You are stupid and an ignorant idiot.

    To any who would expose their lack of logic and reasoning abilities in their thought processes and try to claim the Hells Angels are not directly responsible for this, my response would be even more condemnatory.

  2. He'll (pun intended) probably get his patch for this.......

    1. Actually, I am of the idea he may just "disappear" for this stunt.

      At a time where the club is reeling from negative press, public pressure against them, law enforcement pressure, court costs, etc someone who bring a lot more notoriety down on them is more of a liability - regardless of if he walked away with the money and drugs.

      If he had not left his bike and had on a full-face helmet so the cameras would not have captured his face (both ways in which the rider can be tracked and his identity proven) then maybe he would get a talking to and afterwards cautionary congratulations.

      However, it is far from that and I am sure any elation he may have initially felt quickly turned to a very deep sinking sensation in his bowels when he was confronted with what he really had done.

      If he is that much of a loose-cannon and liability now what potential more could he be with a patch?

      If he is not found - it is because he "disappeared" all right ...

    2. Yes but just like with Larry Mizen, they won't care until they actually get bad press. If the public hadn't heard about it they wouldn't have cared.

    3. Absolutely. That is what I was alluding to in the second and third paragraphs of my response.

      However, he did. Now they will feel they have to "take care of business" - instead of truly taking care of the wrongs they have perpetrated and publicly repent and publicly perform contrition because their actions have been public and affected the public.

    4. Indeed. Their fake remorse is just a pretentious show for the public. It's a facade. It's a farce. It's a lie.


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