Thursday, September 26, 2019

Confronting Climate change Honestly and Realistically

As always, I try to balance the extremes. The climate change debate is based on extremism. We all know that pollution is bad but there is no climate emergency. Reducing emissions, recycling plastic and working towards sustainability is in everyone's best interest.

I don't understand why the granola freaks aren't protesting about the coal being shipped out of the Surrey docks. China's archaic coal dependence needs to evolve. Selling China natural gas instead of coal would make a colossal difference in global pollution. Banning natural gas tankers on the west coast would be complete insanity.

The mob is fickle but the mob is also stupid. A bunch of yuppies freaking out about straws or plastic bags is displaced aggression. You ban plastic bags and I'm going to have to buy plastic bags to put my garbage in. If you put any litter in a drain pipe, it's going to end up in the ocean.

Justin Trudeau's short sighted zero carbon emissions pledge is, as I said, a game changer. I tried defending that clown but has proven to be too ridiculous for even me to save. Buying pipelines, banning tankers, banning cars. That clown has no idea what he's doing. He is erratic and completely financially irresponsible. It's time his tenure comes to it's natural conclusion.

Promoting electric vehicles is a good thing. Planting trees is a good thing. Promoting natural gas over coal is a good thing. Cleaning up oil wells is a good thing. Knee jerk extremism is not.

The Problem of Coal: in China

"Coal-fired power plants are the biggest source of human-made carbon dioxide emissions. This makes burning coal the single greatest threat facing our climate. A huge portion of China's carbon dioxide emissions come from burning coal. If we are to stop climate change, then China must move away from coal to renewable energy." Greenpeace

Don't get me started on gun control. I support the Swiss Model not Hitler's or Stalin's model.

Justin Trudeau has lost his mind. Green Justice supports Andrew Scheer.


  1. oh dear, supporting Andrew Scheer. he won't join any LGBTQ parades, won't join a Climate change parade, but he'll stand for pictures at an oil rally in Ottawa with people who support racism. Lets not forget he and a lot of other cons were part of the "harper team".

    Scheer hasn't said he'll keep those cheques for families with kids. Tax credits don't put food on the table.

    My concern isn't "climate change" on its own, its about clean water, land which isn't contaminated, and clean air. LNG isn't clean. Yes, there are actually people who turned on their taps and could set the water on fire. Creating LNG involves fracking and fracking not only uses millions of gallons of clean water around the world, it uses chemicals which they put into the ground to retrieve the gas. In my opinion, extracting LNG is worse than extracting oil. Now it is true, LNG is much cleaner to burn, than diesel, gas, etc. but when you look at what is costs in terms of water, sand and chemicals its something which we ought not to use.

    I'd suggest coal would actually have a less negative impact on the environment than LNG. Coal is dirty because there is coal dust. Remove that, not a problem. Coal is dirty because of how it is burnt. use the proper furnaces and things improve. Germany had much better furnaces than other countries to use coal than other countries and hence fewer problems.

    In my opinion, the less fuels we use the better. there is no reason they can't amend our building codes to have solar panels on our roofs. Of course the most polluted city in China is the one the solar panels come from and some people have come away from solar panels because it is difficult to dispose of them.
    my suggestion: they world start consuming a hell of a lot less. As one clothing company at a Danish conference advised, 4 out 6 of their items, sold, are in a land fill within one year. Now there's a problem we can work with. .

    1. Supporting Andrew Scheer? I certainly do. Right now he's the logical conclusion and voice of reason to a long list of extremist insanity.

      Jagmeet Singh wants to legalize all drug. Nope. Elizabeth May agrees with the zero emissions nonsense. That means I'm not allowed to own a car or motorcycle and nothing we buy can get to the stores. That means the Green Party has absolutely nothing worthwhile on the table. They're just another bunch of wing nut extremists who have absolutely no clue how to run a country.

      He won't join any LGBTQ parades? Good for him. Neither will I. Gay Pride might as well be Promiscuity Pride and the moral decay of society. Justin Trudeau dancing around like he's on LSD at Woodstock looks like he needs some time with Dr Phil.

      Coal would actually have a less negative impact on the environment than LNG? That is the exact extremist insanity I am referring to. That is absolutely ridiculous. I was in Cork when they heated their homes with coal fire. They had LA smog. My father said West Vancouver had the same coal smog when he and my mother were married from burning coal. Switching to natural gas was a colossal improvement. Like night and day.

      There are a million wing nuts out there and I support the voice of reason.

  2. A balanced, commonsense outlook on such things, hmm......that just crazy enough to work.....but there's no money in it, that's how we got what we have.....but yeah seriously, long overdue.

    1. The Liberals new gun control proposal made my decision crystal clear.

    2. Great points.
      On guns its sad. I could care less if they ban everything but revolvers, but that said... the (US) liberals show absolutely no interest in jailing gun offenders for any meaningful term.
      If a bill was put up banning "assault weapons" and giving offenders 5 years the liberals would defeat it. It insanity.
      Of all of the candidates "gun plans" not one includes anything about criminals.

    3. That's a good point. None of the local shootings were committed with legal guns or assault rifles. Criminals like Blaze get caught with illegal guns in violation of a lifetime firearm ban and nothing gets done about it. Minimum sentences for people using a gun to commit a criminal act would be appropriate.

  3. Climate change is always happening. Dont matter what humans do, a volcanic eruption cause more co2 than 100 million cars.

    Problem is:
    plastic pollution
    Over fishing

    In 20 tears from now the climate will be up and down just like now, but if we dont clean up the plastics in the ocean were gonna be fawked regardless of anything else.
    We can grow more tress and nature will take care of over population. Plastics are another story we are NOT talking about.

    1. Indeed. Trees need CO2. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch does need to be cleaned up but that isn't causing global warming so it isn't a climate emergency. The fact that the currents in the Pacific ocean take all the garbage to one spot means we can get out there and clean it up. That would be doing something positive. Banning straws is pretty useless in comparison. We could build a barge that recycles plastic.


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