Tuesday, March 29, 2011

David Giles DUI

Well, well, well. I hear David Giles was in court yesterday facing a DUI charge. I wonder if he'll blame this one on Revel or Remple. It wasn't him driving the car. Yeah, yeah that's the ticket.

Accused: GILES, DAVID Francis Mckinley Kelowna, BC, CAN

74302-1 Count 1 08-Aug-2010 CCC - 253(1)(b) care or control vehicle/vessel with over .08

74302-1 Count 2 08-Aug-2010 CCC - 253(1)(a) care or control vehicle or vessel while impaired

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  1. He looks like a freakin' cartoon character in this picture! With a face like that, he's a candidate for a burka.....and what's he hiding in that "big steel box" behind him anyway?
    I'm just saying.........


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