Friday, March 11, 2011

Hells Angel Affiliates and the Rizutto murders

The three accused of firebombing the Rizutto funeral home are: Alexandre Toualy, Julien Bourassa-Richer, both 27, and Sounthone Chareunsouk, 30.

Since Sounthone Chareunsouk was a member of d'all├ęgeance bleue gang and one media outlet in Quebec suspects that gang is responsible for the dastardly deed.

Operation Axe established the affiliation between a major street gang allegiance blue, the Syndicate - affiliates of the Hells Angels - and a well-structured crime cell dedicated to drug trafficking in South West Montreal.

We know Gregory Wooley was Mom Boucher's pal who hooked the Hells Angels up with the Crips in Montreal helping them take over that drug trade. He was denied statutory release in 2008 but his sentence ended on Dec. 26, 2009.

The Syndicate is a gang that developed out of the Nomad chapter through Gregory Wooley, a Hells Angels associate who formed the Syndicate years ago. Zephyr took control of the gang in 2006 while Wooley, who has yet to be tried in Project Axe, was behind bars.

We also know that the dirt bags who killed the elderly Rizutto in his own home with a sniper in the bushes in front of his own family was not Italian. Nor were the dirt bags who firebombed a funeral home. That does sound more like low life Hells Angels affiliates.


  1. These guys are linked to fire bombings... not murder...

    We actually DON'T know that the person(s) that were responsible for the murder of Nicolo Rizutto were not italian... In your blog you theorize that Arcadi "looks like a guy that could have ordered the murder of rizzuto"...HE'S ITALIAN!!!

    Ques ce que F*CK?

  2. Someone can be Italian and not follow the Italian rules of order so to speak. If Arcadi ordered the murder of the 86 year old in his own home in front of his own family then he’s dirt not Italian mafia. Whoever ordered that hit wasn’t “real” Italian. It would be on par with a driver who shot his own boss in the back. Just another low life.

    But yes these three are linked to the firebombing. However, I hardly think it was a random act since someone is trying to systematically wipe out the Rizutto family completely. That would clearly imply one act is likely tied to the other since it’s an ongoing campaign against them.

  3. Agent K,

    Is there any way a reader of this blog can read their past comments? There's no way to bring up a list of them, is there, I tried by searching under my nick but it only brought up a few.

    I made a comment, (most of mine have links to what I'm saying), about the guy who was trashed by the Canadian *Justice* system for carrying a concealed weapon in Winnipeg. The Judge publicly derided the prosecutor and openly sympathized (rightly so IMO!) with this poor family man, who lives in a war-zone and had just dodged flying bullets!

    A person wants to see your reaction to that story, and more, but with all the posts you make, one can never remember where one commented. Thanks .

  4. Good question. I’m going to have to find a way to organize everything. Maybe with labels. Searching your username in the search box would be my first guess but as you said you already tried that. I vaguely remember the story and will have a look. I’m more familiar with the Alberta guy who chased down a thief, shot and kidnapped him.

  5. I’m working on labels. That’s gonna take a while. You would think blogger would have a way to search your own posts when you’re logged in to Blogger. Other forums have that function but I can’t see it for blogger. Sometimes I just go to Google, type in Gangsters out then the key words of what I’m looking for. That's faster then the search box option.

  6. Freddy, I’m still working on the labels and haven’t found the post you’re referring to but I think I found the article. The judge did indeed sympathize with the accused who carried a gun because he lived in a high crime area:

    My reaction to the story? I too sympathize with the accused but I’m not sure if I condone it. I would reduce the sentence but not remove it. I used to be a big supporter of the right to bear arms. There are passionate arguments for and against. I’ve been in situations in the States where a gang banger came into the neighborhood and a guy pulled out a rifle and pointed it at the guy telling him to leave. It was effective but could have perpetuated violence.

    I’m not for taking the law into one’s own hands. I support due process and the rule of law. Point granted that can be a painful process with all the bad judges and lenient case law in Canada. Arguing about going to the other extreme and enforcing a Patriot act that removes civil liberties and creates a police state is a separate matter. You asked about civilians carrying guns.

    At first it would make sense. Someone does a home invasion and you shoot them dead protecting your home. Yet that does open Pandora’s box with regards to kids having access to guns, criminals stealing guns to use to commit crime and the increase in domestic violence from the availability of guns.

    Carrying a gun outside the home for personal protection is another matter. It’s logical but problematic. Road rage. I know I personally shouldn’t carry a gun while driving a car. I’d be shooting out tires of rude weasels left right and centre. Somebody gets in a fight, pulling out a gun and turning that fight into a fatality is just too easy. Yet swarming is no better. Pulling out a gun on a swarm would be effective.

    Discharging a firearm in public is dangerous. If I’m on sky train and someone tries to rob me or someone else on the train and I pull out a gun on a crowded or not so crowded train. What am I going to do? If I shoot, I could miss and hit an innocent bystander. Bullets also go through targets and ricochet. Pointing a gun in public and firing it is very dangerous. That kind of training is very advanced even for police officers not to mention Joe blow off the street.

    I sympathize with the guy who was caught carrying a gun but I can’t say I support that as the best case solution to our judicial problem. What do you think?


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