Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three men charged in sexual assault at Renegades clubhouse

Three men have been charged after a woman reported she had been sexually assaulted at a Fir Street address in Prince George.

RCMP in Prince George started their investigation into the alleged sexual assault on March 24th. Police responded to a residence in the 1500 block of Fir Street believed to be the club house for the Renegades motorcycle gang.

Prince George RCMP attended the residence to secure the scene while waiting for a search warrant. At that time, two suspects were arrested, 21 year old Pion Associate #1 of Kamloops, BC and 19 year old Pion Associate #2.

The following morning, Prince George RCMP located and arrested a third suspect, 31 year old Pion Associate #3 of Prince George. Pion #3 is alleged to be an associate of the Game Tight Soldiers in Prince George.

All three men are facing charges of Charges of Sexual Assault with a Weapon, Sexual Assault, Assault, Forcible Confinement and Administering Noxious Thing.

What the hell is Administering Noxious Thing? Is that date rape drug? Three men charged with sexual assault? WTF was that a gang rape at the Renegades clubhouse? In the tradition of Mom Boucher I suppose. He served 40 months for armed sexual assault. Boyd is "linked via police files to Hells Angels members in the Lower Mainland." And then there was Dave Pickton...

Francois Meerholz, tied to the Game Tight Soldiers and the Renegades in Prince George and facing deportation to South Africa has been arrested again by RCMP.


  1. Now you gotta bring my sister and my mother into this. How noble. Are you saying these “bikers” have to give prostitutes coke to get laid? Looking at their picture I’d have to say it’s no wonder. Are you saying gang rape at the Renegades’ clubhouse is OK? Is that what happened to Cynthia Garcia? After coming to a HA party at a clubhouse, did she say no to the train? Is that why they stabbed her 27 times and said no one will even notice her missing?

  2. Is it okay to fabricate a story out of guilt of being such a trash bag at a clubhouse? Heard that one before too. There is obviously 2 sides to every fuk'd up story. You comment as if they are already convicted not just charged. You also seem much more concerned with the alleged friends or so called associates of the accused. What does this have to do with the actual allegations? Your journalism skills and this website are nothing more than an irresponsible joke. If you actually did your homework you would know there is a publication ban surrounding this case. Only names, ages and home towns of the accused are permitted. I assume the judge made this ruling because he knew people like you would turn it into a sideshow circus. What the police are referring to as a noxious substance is actually cocaine that she was "allegedly forced" to do. GHB or any other date rape drug was not in any of the exhibits collected by the rcmp. Commenting with lack of knowledge shows just that.

  3. Innocent until proven guilty? Kinda like Joey Arrance was innocent until proven guilty until they burned down his tattoo shop and his girlfriend’s mothers house with her mother inside. Oh yeah, Joey was innocent. That rape story was an absolute lie made up after the fact so people wouldn’t ask questions.

    You are right though. People are innocent until proven guilty. However it is truthful when I say three individuals were charged with committing armed rape in the Renegades clubhouse. That is a true statement. Three men were charged with armed rape.

    I admitted I didn’t know what administering the noxious thing was. It sure doesn’t sound like selling someone cocaine. However, the Hells Angels were caught with the largest amounts of date rape drug in Canadian history in Haney and Toronto.

    Here’s a hypothetical situation for you. Let’s assume the girl wanted to get high and sleep with one of the dirt bags. What if the two other dirt bags wanted to take advantage of the fact that she was high and pulled a train on her. What if she said yes to the one but no to the train? Would that still be rape? Yes it most certainly would.

  4. Another source claims that Administering Noxious Thing refers to giving someone date rape drug not giving them cocaine.


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