Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Harper Government

I've heard mention of the Harper Government before but I didn't realize it was a rebrand and how Harper stopped using the term the Government of Canada and changed it to the Harper Government. Somewhat ironic for someone who claims to be right wing.

In fact the Harper Government seems to be really concerned about propaganda. The new Economic Action Plan ads will cost taxpayers 26 Million. Then there's Harper's negotiations for creating a Fox News North where the government can brainwash the public with blatantly biased news reports. All to help Harper get a majority government so he can "govern."

Let's just remind Mr. Harper what a minority government is. In a democratic society a minority government must form a coalition with another political party to assume the role of government. Otherwise it can not form the government. Thus making the term Harper government somewhat of an oxymoron.

Remember all that outrage the Harper Government had when the other three main political parties said they were going to form a coalition under the direction of Stephen Dion and dethrone Harper? The Harper Government went on and on about how undemocratic that was because the majority of Canadians didn't vote for Stephen Dion. Well let me break the bad news to the Harper government. The majority of Canadians didn't vote for him either.

143 seats out of 306 is less than half - 46.7% of the seats. 53.7% of the seats in the House do not belong to the Hapless Government. Now the past practice for any minority government in Canada is that since they have less than 50% of the seats, they must for a coalition with one other party so they collectively have more than 50% of the seats so they can govern. Otherwise anytime they submit a bill to the house it will fail and a non confidence will result.

Having said that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the other three parties forming a coalition and assuming the role of government if they collectively have more than 50% of the seats. That is our democratic system. It's called compromise and coalition which is indeed in direct opposition to Mr. Harper's control and berate.

Don't get me wrong. I totally supported Preston Manning and the Reform Party's sweep of Western Canada. I felt balancing the budget to save social programs not abolish them was a noble quest. What I oppose is Stephen Harper pimping out the dream to unite the right instead of unite the bright and thereby merging with the dreaded Mulroneyism which plagued our nation with unrighteous dominion and fiscal irresponsibility. That is the same quest Harper currently obsesses over. No wonder Stockwell Day has had enough.

I don't see Ignatieff as the answer either. He claims torture is good like Chretien claimed sponsorship is good. Although Chretien was bad with money, I liked him as a human being and as a leader of our country. He didn't follow the US into Iraq for their oil. That we can be proud of. Harper would have.

I liked Trudeau too. He was a leader not a politician. He gave us the Charter of Rights. Although the debt rose greatly under their leadership no more so than under Harper's or Mulroney's. Those spin doctors claim the other guys will tax and spend yet they are the worse offenders. At least the other guys spend the money on the people not their political partners.

I wish the Green party would draw a line between pot and crack. I cannot vote for anyone who maintains the position that we should legalize all drugs. Decriminalization of pot is one thing, legalization of crack, meth and date rape drug is another. A responsible society doesn't do that. Yet it is clear that Harper has gone far enough. Giving him any more seats in an election would be bad for Canada and bad for democracy. Harper needs to stop talking and start listening. Something he hasn't done since he formed government.


I just saw one of the new Harper adds and it made me sick to my stomach. I sure hope he's not using tax dollars for his personal campaign adds. I'm all for patriotism and being proud of being Canadain but Stephen Harper is not Molsen Canadian beer commercial material. The Pillsbury Mr. Rogers does not stir patriotism and that face is reminiscent of Gordon Campbell.

People got so fed up with seeing Gordon Campbell's face in adds the BC Liberals had to stop running his face in adds because their popularity was plummeting. You look at Gordon Campbell and all that comes to mind is dishonest arrogance and ruthless cuts to senoirs to pay for his two massive pay raises and his gold plated pension. I'm starting to get that feeling when I see the Harper adds. Mind you Iggy is worse. Now that's a face only a mother could love.


Harper government found in contempt.


  1. Great blog! Dont listen to all the douche bags who criticize you.

  2. u dont hope hes using tax money ??? Come on what you think he took money from his personal bank accounts . maybe he took it from his joint account with wifey !! Politicians r nothing but paid professional liars !!

  3. The news article said the new adds cost taxpayers $26 million. Yet after seeing the add it is clearly an election add. That money should come from the Conservatives political contributions not tax dollars. That’s like Gordon Campbell using tax dollars to convince us how great the HST is for us.

  4. So in your mind, which government party do you feel would better represent Canada ???

  5. Right now I don’t think any of the parties should have a majority government. They’d each run off on their own extreme agenda if they did. I supported Reform when they broke away from Mulroneyism’s tax and spend arrogance. Harper idolizes Mulroney as we can see with the Harper Sales Tax.

    If the Conservatives had someone who was not a Mulroney clone and believed in balancing the budget to save social programs not abolish them, I could support the Conservatives. But they don’t so I can’t. Look what they did to Donna Cadman. Strange indeed she ended up running for them after they tried bribing her husband. Chuck Cadman was very honorable. I did vote for him.

    I could vote for Justin Trudeau but not for Iggy. Iggy supports torture under the false guise of human rights. Until either of those two parties straighten out, I’m personally stuck with Jack Layton. A minority government has to team up with another party to form the government. Harper hasn’t figured that one out yet. I think a Conservative NDP coalition would be the safest for Canada right now. They could move ahead on their common ground but wait on each of their extremes.


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