Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nanaimo RCMP Accused of Punching Woman in the face

Yes there are two sides to every story. Yet with the numerous videos of police using excessive force, this doesn't look good. Camilla McGuire, 53, said she required emergency surgery to place metal plates in her face after a punch that broke bones and loosened teeth. We don't have a video of the attack but we do have the testimony of witnesses and we do have a victim with tangible injuries.


  1. Look at the careful pussy-footing around the issue of a Police assault we all feel we must indulge in:

    "Yes there are two sides to every story."

    We don't use those words when any other person in our society is accused of physically attacking someone.

    "...this doesn't look good."

    That sounds like trying to find a way to exonerate the Officer any way we can.

    "We don't have a video of the attack..."

    We almost never do of any assault, but we arrest & charge those thought responsible, anyway don't we?

    "...but we do have the testimony of witnesses..."

    Yes, but witnesses shouldn't be the standard of proof.

    I am perturbed at the sheer number of physical attacks on the public by Police I read about, this one isn't the only one from last week just in the Lower Mainland. Instead of looking around trying to find a way out, (which we'd do for no one else) we should just man up and face facts. The RCMP attacked someone else here in Surrey as well last week. What is happening with the Police we must trust? I just do not want to open my front door for these guys anymore.

  2. It is becoming horrible. I was trying to refute their rationalizations. I think it’s another example of police brutality that is very disturbing indeed.

  3. Agent K said, "I was trying to refute their rationalizations."

    Thank you for pointing out this unfortunate incident on your blog. I certainly did not mean to accuse you of avoiding these apparent attacks. However, they leave the law-abiding public in a terrible quandary...ie., What are we to think about the behaviour of the Police? Are they frustrated by their inability to stop our modern gangster crime-wave? Are these incidents the result of that frustration? We do not know, but it does seem that every week, almost, new situations like the one you blogged about are in the media. Yet we all want to support the Police & RCMP. I cannot help but think, however, that when we read about serious Police mis-conduct, we lose our respect for them, as we do for anyone who would engage in such behaviour. Surely the RCMP must see this.

  4. No worries. It does kinda look like another kick the cat situation. The police are frustrated about dealing with the real organized crime because of the revolving door judiciary and some not all end up taking that frustration out on the public by being abusive to ordinary citizens. Sad.

    We still need a publically accountable police complaint process that involves civilians.

  5. A quick look @ two stories germane to the recent posts, from Kim Bolan's desk:

    "Just weeks after Adam Purdie was fatally shot when he pointed a gun at a Surrey RCMP officer, another Surrey man has been killed in a police shooting."

    "Vancouver Police are now investigating the shooting. Const. Lindsey Houghton said RCMP responded to a 911 call about 2 p.m. from a female asking for help with domestic dispute. Neighbours reported seeing a woman flee from the house and jump over a neighbour's fence."

    "No doubt a lot of questions will be asked about another fatal police shooting. Are there not other ways to disarm people if the reports are true that he was waving a gun?"


    "Burnaby RCMP are recommending charges against two teens and a 22-year-old arrested after the rush-hour shooting at the Royal Oak Skytrain station Tuesday."


    Daylight shootings at a quiet Skytrain station is disturbing for citizens.

  6. Yeah lots of strange things going on. I’m glad to hear Geoff Mantler has been charged with two counts of assault. That’s a start.


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