Wednesday, March 9, 2011

David Giles and Airplane Mark

Interesting photo of David Giles and Airplane Mark. Kinda suspicious whenever a Hells Angels or associate is pals with a pilot.

Shake that bootie Skeletor. Actually, please don't. You might wanna just put your shirt back on and wipe your drool.

After posting some pictures of David Giles someone from Kelowna contacted me and said they recognized the guy in the photo. They said they saw him at a public function wearing a Hells Angels jacket and they thought it was odd. At first they thought he was a clown pretending to be a Hells Angel. Go figure. He does look more like a Shriner than an Hells Angel.


  1. Very interesting......looks like Okanagan Lake in the Kelowna area where alot of these idiots hang out in the summer. I guess even dirtbag gangsters need a vacation (from crime) every now and again. What is the pilots last name?

  2. Not sure the pilot's last name. I was hoping someone would send it to me.

    Mark: C-FTPR
    Owner Registered Since: 2004-06-14
    Name: 803762 Alberta Ltd
    Address: #82 52304 RR 233
    City: Sherwood Park Province/State: Alberta
    Postal Code: T8B 1C9 Country: CANADA
    Base of Operations: CANADA , Alberta, Cooking Lake

    803762 ALBERTA LTD. Incorp 1998 OCT 16
    Registered Address: 200-10923 101 STR NW,
    no idea what this is

    Address: #82 52304 RR 233

    Assessment Address: #82 52304 RR 233

  4. giles transfered charters from montreal t kelowna.. is seen on documentaries on tv

  5. What do you mean? He’s from Halifax chapter and is listed as a member of the East Vancouver chapter. I suppose Kelowna has their charter now. I don’t think he was ever a member of Montreal chapter. He wears Trois Riviere shirts but I think that was more an affiliation since Quebec oversaw things in Halifax.


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