Sunday, December 7, 2014

Biker shootout caught on video in Holland

TBM Fresh Start is reporting that in October there was a biker shootout caught on video in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Two are wearing vests and patches of Dutch outlaw motor club No Surrender. The No Surrender MC was founded in 2013 by president Klaas Otto and has quickly gained ground and notoriety in a scene that had been dominated by the Hells Angels. The club’s Amsterdam chapter is even led by Dutch Hells Angels founder and former president Willem van Boxtel, who was kicked out of his old club in bad standing.


  1. Why glorify these idiots by showing this? I don't get it, the net has plenty of this type of footage, it doesn't belong here. Those TBM guys need to get past the war stories and live in the present, with an eye towards the future. Watching old playmates on the old playgrounds doing the same old crap can't have a theraputic effect on anyone trying to get out. Just my opinion.

    1. I'm certainly not glorifying them, I'm showing how stupid they are. This is a prime example why sending members of the No Surrender MC to fight ISIS is not a good idea. Training criminals to use artillery and turn real soldiers into drug dealers is not a good thing.

  2. What a bunch of goofs. All those rounds fired (on both sides) and no one even hit at all, never mind hit effectively.....and the moment they encountered real resistance it was a mad scramble for the exit, people falling all over themselves and shit. Pretty pathetic for guys who think of themselves as bad asses. They are lucky their opposition was equally inept, because otherwise none of them would have lived to get back in their car and drive off. That striker will probably get his full patch just for showing up, now that he's "proved himself".... LMAO


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