Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mayor's Glutton council wants to bring back the HST

It's somewhat astounding that the Mayor's Glutton council wants to raise the PST to pay for the the budget overrun above and beyond the billion dollars a year it burns on regional gas tax. No private company would be permitted to function with those kinds over over runs let alone continue to expand when in such a huge annual deficit.

Surrey and North Vancouver should not have to pay for the Broadway expansion on a broken system. Raising the PST right after we fought to get rid of the HST. The mayor's council should be disbanded. This ivory tower duplication of jurisdiction continues to burn tax dollars at an unprecedented rate.

They're proposing a .05% increase in the PST which isn't significant. What is significant is that it continues to cross the line. Giving SNCL the contract for the Evergreen line knowing their history of fraud was a criminal act. Giving SNCL the contract for the Broadway line would be another. That has to be addressed. Translink needs to balance it's budget. The mayors need to be more fiscally responsible. That's all there is to it.

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  1. Time to move East - to more economically viable Province.
    BC could also increase PST to finance BC Transit MISMANAGEMENT!


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