Monday, December 22, 2014

Hells Angels Associates busted in Manitoba

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that police raids in Manitoba seized six kilos of cocaine and eight kilos of crystal meth part of Project Distress. The project was "targeting high-level crime, not street-level." Fourteen people are charged with a variety of offences associated with drug trafficking, proceeds of crime and weapons offences.

"Among those is recent Transcona city council candidate Ray Paul Ulasy, 50, who was charged with two counts of firearms trafficking. Other people charged are Winnipeggers Jason Morris Ong, 28; Ryan Christopher Martinez, 24; Marlon Delim, 35; Michael Hidalgo, 32; Reighner Delacruz, 25; Kara Lynn Peralta, 22; and Darren Raymond Colomy, 40. Also charged are Jared Romeo Devloo, 35, of the RM of MacDonald; Randy Baldovi, 31, of Port Coquitlam, B.C.; Michael Tuan Van Nguyen, 25, of Mississauga, Ont.; and Alexey Shuster, 27, of Edmonton. Police are still looking for Sean Frederick Demchuk, 31, and Christopher Houston Gordon, 30, both of Winnipeg."

CTV is reporting that Christopher Houston has since turned himself in and Sean Demchuk was arrested December 19.

"Demchuk has been described in the past as a Hells Angels associate and member of the Zig Zag (Crew) street gang that works for the Angels." In 2010, Dale Donavon and Sean Wolfe from the Winnipeg Hells Angels were busted for supplying cocaine to the Zig Zag crew who were selling the drugs for them and paying them protection money. Famous Amos was caught on video cutting crack cocaine for the Hells Angels in Winnipeg.

They all posed for a family photo in prison showing their continued support of crack dealers. Om 2012 Project Flatlined busted another cocaine ring in Winnipeg along with Dale Sweeney, the subsequent president of the Winnipeg Hells Angles and his brother Rod, a full-patch member.

The Winnipeg Free Press is also reporting that Santa's helpers also busted the B Side gang in time for Christmas. They were also trafficking cocaine in Winnipeg.


  1. agent k, a surrey six associate was arrested in edmonton yesterday...

    the justin in question is cody haevischer's brother

  2. Merry Christmas, AK, are you going out on an upbeat Holiday post...?

    1. Merry Christmas. No Christmas message this time, just a picture. I just don't have it in me this year. I've hit burnout.

  3. Large Group of Mexican Cartel "La Familia" arrested in Edmonton...

    this is very worrying...they are joining with Mara S...

  4. what ever happened with reigner delacruz and his wife? any more info on that?


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