Thursday, June 26, 2014

Son of Burma's 'Godfather of Heroin' attends trade delegation in Toronto and Vancouver

Micheal Smith nails it. This columnist from the Vancouver Province reported that Steven Law is one of the most notorious, rich and secretive tycoons in Asia, a man sanctioned by the U.S. for his family’s alleged ties to the narcotics trade and support of the former military junta that ruthlessly ruled Burma. But that didn’t stop Canada and B.C. from rolling out the red carpet this month for an Asian trade delegation that included Law, whose father, Lo Hsing Han, was nicknamed the “Godfather of Heroin.” The delegation that included Law was wined and dined in Toronto and Vancouver, where participants met with Premier Christy Clark and cabinet minister Teresa Wat.

Law’s American assets have been frozen by the U.S. government and he is banned from doing business with American citizens. So Stephen Harper and Christy Clark says come on in. “Lo Hsing Han, known as the ‘Godfather of Heroin,’ has been one of the world’s key heroin traffickers dating back to the early 1970s. Steven Law joined his father’s drug empire in the 1990s and has since become one of the wealthiest individuals in Burma.”

The country was ruled for years by a brutal dictatorship condemned around the world for its appalling human-rights record. The generals who ran the country were accused of gross abuses, including the forced relocation of citizens, use of child soldiers, state-sanctioned rape, widespread corruption and other outrages.

International Trade Minister Ed Fast said we didn't know about his background. Hard to believe but the fact that his background is now known is not debatable. What are they going to do about it? Has their position on welcoming him now changed?

Speaking of heroin, why on earth do we go to all that trouble of making up and handing out flyers warning the public of bad heroin on the street cut with fentanyl that has resulted in numerous deaths, without arresting the drug dealers selling it on the street? That is insanity. The heroin gets cut at the street level. The fact that we aren't arresting the heroin dealers on the street in East Vancouver and Surrey is ridiculous.


  1. So, the RCMP had no idea who this guy was? Too busy doing other things no doubt.......:rolleyes: What about CSIS? If they couldn't show that some of this guy's heroin wound up in Canada then they aren't worth a plugged nickel as an intelligence agency. And if they could, this guy should have been led out of the terminal in handcuffs.

  2. They're too busy losing a billion dollars a year setting up fake attacks and spying on Canadians for their political affiliations. Drug dealing money launderers are fine.They're the biggest campaign contributors.

  3. I think a form letter type of text would be applicable in this situation (as well as many more that you write about!) that readers of the blog could copy and paste in their emails and send them to the government parties involved asking why such a known drug dealer was invited and treated to graciously in Canada.

  4. Yes when people e-mail their MPs with those questions it really helps put the pressure on to clean things up. We should compile a list of questions including why do they let crack and heroin dealers sell bad drugs cut with toxic chemicals in public?

    1. If they were to answer that question honestly I believe the answer would be something along the lines of "The balance of the risk/reward equation is tilted severely in the favor of those involved in the drug trade, and we have not the intestinal fortitude to change that. We are content to have our jobs and our salaries in exchange for holding down the positions of responsibility for such things but not to actually do anything about it, because among other things, if we solved the problem there'd be no need for us, the money it costs to keep us and the fiction we promote that we make any difference."

      Seriously, parliament should meet for a couple of months once or twice a year and the rest of the time be off attending to their private lives. Salary to reflect that as a part time job of course. Remove the money/power incentive for these self important windbags to participate and then maybe they won't, and we'll all be better for it.


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