Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catherine Galliford and Grant Wakefield are Cousins

In the wake of the Jim Brown cover up hearing we find out that Catherine Galliford and Grant Wakefield are cousins. Catherine Galliford was the RCMP spokesperson during the Pickton arrest and the Air India scandal. After going public with her sexual harassment complaint several other female RCMP officers joined a class action law suit with Klein/Lyons. Catherine isn't part of the class action. She just has her own complaint that has fallen on deaf ears.

Grant Wakefild was the whistle blower that pointed out Jim Brown still had BDSM pictures on the Internet soliciting sexual partners who are into BDSM which the RCMP did nothing about. He claimed he was looking for a BDSM slave. That was on the public profile I saw. The RCMP had investigated it and did nothing about it so the media started making inquiries. After the public uproar the police launched a second bogus disciplinary hearing which was supposed to happen today but they aren't letting the public know anything about it.

It turns out these two stalwart individuals are cousins. When the RCMP illegally searched Grant's home he was asked about his cousin. That had nothing to do with the DVD they claimed they were looking for. The one they thought Jim Brown had that was pertinent to the Pickton investigation. Instead of searching Jim Brown's home for it they searched Grant Wakefield's home and seized his computer hard drive. They stole private property and have not returned it. That is theft. Sgt. Dave Chauhan's unprofessional conduct during that illegal search was disgusting.

CBC already reported on the disturbing abuse of power the RCMP exhibited when they illegally searched Grant Wakefield's home and stole his personal property. It had all the appearances of a cover up. Jim Brown erroneously sued Grant as well as Cameron Ward, the lawyer for the families of the missing women in the Inquiry for defamation. Jim Brown lied and said it was a private profile he posted pictures on which was false. I saw the public profile myself. I didn't have to log into anything to see it. The RCMP seized pictures from Grant's hard drive so he couldn't defend himself in that court action. They aided and abetted that disgusting cover up. Again.

Just as Stephen Harper slandered Catherine Galliford for being a whistle blower, Jim Brown slandered Grant Wakefield claiming he was some kind of fraudster. In reality Jim Brown admitted Grant Wakefield was employed as a police agent August 1999 on the Pickton farm. September his contract was terminated because the police "no longer considered Robert Pickton a suspect in the murders." That's a whole other cover up all on it's own. The point is, Grant Wakefield was a police agent not a fraudster and Jim Brown knew that. Jim Brown knew Grant Wakefield had dirt on him and the RCMP helped Jim Brown censor and harass him. That is shameful.

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