Monday, June 23, 2014

Another shooting in East Vancovuer

Things have sure warmed up across the board. Kim Bolan is reporting that there was another shooting in Vancouver today. A 22 year old male was shot near Abbott and Keefer. He walked to St Paul's hospital at 2:30 AM where he was treated and released into police custody but is uncooperative with police.

A police spokesperson came out with the same old nonsense about how violent crime is decreasing over all so all these public shootings are nothing to worry about. Violent crime is not decreasing in East Vancouver. Crime statistics are being suppressed because they closed the local police station to public access. Stabbings happen there on a daily basis.

“The shootings and violence that you are seeing right now – these are targeted incidents they are generally involving people that are involved in high risk behavior, high-risk activity – gang activity, drug activity,” Montague said. True. That means we should be arresting the drug dealers that sell crack in public if we want to reduce this kind of perpetual public gun violence. The New York model is somewhat more effective than the bullsh*t model.


  1. If you remember what I have been saying you might remember the word AMALGAMATION. The only major city in North America with 11 police forces, 10 mayors, 13 fire departments, 7 RCMP detachments for fucks sakes!, the strategy that allows the media and the cops to minimalize the crime problem here by simply spreading it around. AMALGAMATE and hold the conniving politicians and media responsible.

  2. Perhaps. Something needs to be done that's for sure. We seem to be going in the opposite direction. We seem to be determined on duplication not amalgamation. That ridiculous mayors glutton counsel that keeps trying to find more money to spend is the prime example. Closing police stations to public access across the board is definitely wrong.

  3. Ft. St. John had another shooting inside the Four Seasons Hotel yesterday!
    By the time RCMP responded, all parties to this were long gone!
    Bullet holes were quite evident!
    Up here they actually steal Tractor Trailer units quite successfully!
    This Province, north to south and east to west, has long gone to the DOGs to every conceivable Criminal Activity !


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