Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dam Mountain

What a magnificent day. Last weekend the mountains were covered in dense fog and raining. This weekend it was clear and sunny. I broke out the crampons today and hiked up past Dam Mountain on Grouse. From Dam mountain you can see Goat mountain.

Just past Dam mountain you can see Crown mountain. Crown mountain is a long hike. You have to climb way down then way up and way down and way up again just to get back. I like the view of Crown from here.

You can also see the Lions but you don't get a very good view because it's a side view. You get a better view of the Lions from the Cleavland Dam or from Hollyburn ridge on Cypress.

You can hike up without crampons but it's much easier and safer when you are scaling steep icy compacted snow. Crampons are much smaller than snowshoes. They're just a set of metal cleats that attach to your shoe or boot.

This is where I had lunch. Just past here is where I got caught between a large mother bear and her cub last summer. You can see Crown mountain on the left and Goat mountain on the right and Goat Ridge to the right of that. From Goat Ridge you can see Coliseum mountain. That's as far as I went today but in the summer it's awesome. It was very quiet and peaceful. The Grouse grind was absolutely packed.

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