Friday, June 6, 2014

VPD Issue Warning about Bad Heroin

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as good heroin but the Vancouver Province reported that Police are warning drug users to be “extremely cautious” after seven people were reported to have overdosed on heroin Tuesday. The suspected overdoses occurred in the Downtown Eastside, according to a news release from Sgt. Randy Fincham, a VPD spokesman. After issuing the warning about bad heroin on the streets, how about arresting the drug dealers selling it? Wouldn't that be a novel idea?

In B.C., 61 per cent of overdose deaths between 2005 and 2010 were accidental and related to the use of prescription drugs. At St. Paul’s Hospital, there has been an 89-per-cent increase in all addiction-related emergency room visits in the last four years. Evidently Insite is just helping spread the plague. That's not harm reduction, that's harm promotion.

MSN News is reporting that Fatal drug overdoses spike in Montreal as well. Gee you'd think they were getting it from Vancouver. Montreal health workers are battling an influx of fatal drug overdoses. In the last month, 15 people have died of drug overdoses — including six people in the last week alone.

Officials who are investigating the increase in deaths said many factors are at play. One of the possible causes could be that the drugs are being 'cut' — or diluted —with fentanyl. Fentanyl is an anesthetic meant to treat chronic pain. In high concentrations it could stop a person from breathing. A derivative of the drug, desmethyl fentanyl, is chemically modified to be even more potent — it’s considered to be 40 times stronger than heroin. Fentanyl made its first appearance on Montreal’s black market last spring.

Health officials said they are warning drug-users to lower their doses and to inject them slowly. That's it. Make sure you lower your dose of sheer poison and inject it slowly with your government issued needle at Insite where your tax dollars are hard at work killing humans slowly.


  1. We have had Fentynal in Nova Scotia for 10 years, get with the times Mr.reporter

  2. Heroin has been around even longer and it's still a problem. The point is that fentanyl is bad and if it has causes a spike in deaths then it is newsworthy.


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