Saturday, June 7, 2014

Border Agents seize ecstasy substitute enroute to Calgary

The Calgary Sun is reporting that Border officials have intercepted a shipment of 10 kg of ethylone originating from China and destined for Calgary, preventing 100,000 doses from hitting the streets.

The Calgary Herald is reporting that Ethylone is an amphetamine-like substance, classified as a “new psychoactive substance.” New psychoactive substances are drug substitutes with similar effects to commonly known substances such as ecstasy or amphetamines.


  1. "new psychoactive drug", aka "designer drugs", designed to be one or two molecules off from drugs that are already listed as illegal. Note that they refer to it as "amphetamine-like".

    Not a surprise that it comes from China, they are the ones sending whole boatloads of meth precourser chemicals to Mexico to fuel the avalanche of Mexican meth that been coming north for a few years now.

    Someday we will look back and realize that China was pursuing war against us by other than the usual methods for decades before we woke up, shook off our politically correct programming and saw massive drug shipments, massive immigration, oil and resource deals, hacking/industrial espionage, and even civilian gun sales for what they really are, an undeclared war meant to weaken us from the inside. These people are laughing behind their hands at us. They have read Sun Tzu and are applying it, we may have read it too but have decided to be willfully blind.

  2. Could you please expand on the "civilian gun sales" aspect of weakening us. I presume you mean Norinco firearms? Yet, if the public is armed, regardless who provide the arms, would be strengthening the public would it not?

    Now, I can see arming one segment of the population against another Iie racial groups) and then fomenting strife (such as the CIA and FBI did with drugs into the Black communities in the 1960's), but if guns are available and sold with easily available (standard) ammunition for them would it not work against the Chinese? Would they not want a disarmed populace who would be unable to help stand against any potential invasion?

  3. In the sense that you illustrate, yes that would be true. And certainly if we were speaking only of economic equality among Canadians who wish to own a gun, a Chinese M-14 for $500 is more affordable than a $2K American made Springfield Armory model.

    I was thinking of (but didn't actually articulate) that Colt Canada can very easily offer semi-auto Armalite pattern rifles for sale to Canadians who are sending money to the USA or China (they make a semi auto AR15 clone for export as well) when they buy a gun made there as opposed to Made in Canada.

    The less money North American consumers send to China the better. There are other Asian manufacturers who can produce things cheaply, Vietnam is a good example. Although they too are Communist/totalitarian, they have never had any expansionist ambitions and are historical enemies of the Chinese, as well as now, where they and the rest of SE Asia will be bearing the brunt of Chinese ambition.

    A dollar we don't send to China is a dollar they don't have to spend on armaments. We need to re-visit this BS where Canada has agreements to allow China to use Canada as a source of raw materials for their ambitions. Governments like this need to be kept as weak as we can manage short of all out conflict.


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