Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GTS Home Invasion

Here's another weird one. Two masked men do a home invasion in Prince George. One escapes the other is caught at the scene. They caught Jeffrey Austin Theriault who is a member of the Game Tight soldiers who we now know are affiliated with the Renegades and the Hells Angels.

Get this the guy they were looking for was a tattoo artist and did a piece on Theriault's back. So what the hell? The kid didn't like his tattoo?

Then they came back and stole all his tattoo equipment. Strange after they burned down that other tattoo shop in Prince George. What controlling all the pot, meth, crack and strippers isn't good enough? Now they want to control all the tattoo shops as well? Greedy bastards.

Or was this tattooist that had the home invasion the same tattooist whose tattoo shop they already burned down - Joey Arrance? They sure like to betray their own. Deranged greed like an uncontrolled fire consumes itself.


  1. How do you know he is a member of gts? did he tell you? or are you just assuming so cuz putting "GTS" on your title catches peoples eye a lil more than "local teenagers break into house" ....
    Just because this guy says he did the tattoo on his back as a GTS tattoo, doesn't make it the truth. You are ruining the reputation of people by saying things you can't prove are the truth!

    1. I know him personally and he actually WAS GTS!! 🤣 STFU

  2. All the media reports about the story state the police claimed he was a known member of the GTS. I didn’t even realize the tattoo was a GTS tattoo. That would also clearly imply he was a member. Personally I think what really gave it away was the Gay Tights that Toy Soldier was wearing at the time.

  3. i said the guy SAID it was a gts tattoo, not that it was. And what to you mean "what really gave it away was the Gay Tights that Toy Soldier was wearing at the time." Why would you say he was wearing gay tights? or was that just a crack at the name

  4. It was a crack at the name. Everybody calls them the gay tights soldiers whenever they talk about them with me. I wasn’t going by what the victim of the home invasion said. Several different news reports claim the police said Theriault was a known member of the GTS.

  5. I'm sorry, but now your just being ridiculous. Learn the facts, don't try and create them yourself

  6. Theriault is GTS. That’s the fact.

  7. Well I guess if you say so, it must be true

  8. Good question. One source claims he left town and *someone else* took over GTS.


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