Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boycott the Black Door

Here's one you won't read in the paper because it wasn't reported to the police. A couple weeks ago three men claiming to represent the Hells Angels stormed in to the American Backpackers Hostel on Pender street in Vancouver. They had guns drawn and demanded to know where one of the residents were. He's not here they replied. We know he lives here they insisted. He has been selling pot and he hasn't been selling it for us. Tell him he has to leave town and tell everyone else they can't buy from anyone else any more unless they buy from us at the Black Door.

They made a huge production about it waiting outside for several hours waiting for him to return. The poor kid and many others from the hostel left town. This is another example of greed. I have no problem with the Hells Angels selling pot. I have a problem with them selling crack. I have a problem saying no one else is allowed to sell pot but them and if you want to buy any, you have to buy it from them. I have a problem with that.

The Black Door is across the street from the Amsterdam cafe and Mark Emory's 420 HQ. The black door is right beside a seed shop across the street. Witnesses were told this is where the Hells Angels sell pot. Seemingly everyone in the area knows this and they all know it is controlled by the Hells Angels.

So my theory resurfaces. If the Hells Angels used violence in East Vancouver to chase away a rival drug dealer and if the Hells Angels run and control the drugs sold out of the Black Door on Hastings street, one would think they too are the ones controlling the drugs being sold just a few blocks up the street at the Carnegie Centre.

If that's true then they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the violence against women in East van over drug debts. This is supposed to be a free country. If I want to sell some pot it's no one else's business. When the Hells Angels come in and say you can't sell pot unless you sell it for us I say bullshit. That Nazi shit just doesn't fly. The gang violence we have been witnessing isn't about loyalty, it's about greed.

Oh and get this, they won't even sell pot in the Amsterdam cafe. You have to go across the street and buy it from the Hells Angels. That means Mark Emory and the entire 420 movement are getting fucked in the ass by the Hells Angels and they are all too scared to say shit.

Talk about rats. Witnesses claim the Hells Angels sent someone to to stay at the American Backpackers Hostel undercover to buy pot and give them the name of the person selling. So here we have a guy pretending to be someone's friend, buys some weed for the sole purpose of getting his name and giving it to the Hells Angels who storm the place with guns looking for him. That is being a rat. Reporting the Hells Angels violence to the po po is not.

So here's the deal. Fuck 'em. Boycott the Black Door. Don't buy shit from the Hells Angels any more. Buying their shit is supporting their violence. The Hells Angels are getting rich in East Van by oppressing the poor and disadvantaged as well as anyone else who just wants to smoke a blunt. Fuck 'em. Boycott the Black Door. Go buy from the Wizard on Granville instead. Mind you I'm having a hard time believing he's independent. Time will tell. It always does.


  1. Well, well, that's where I buy my pot and have for years. They used to be over the Amsterdam. Yeah, the guys inside look biker-ish; I was sure they were tied in with some Club, but I didn't know who. So now we know!

    But, look, Agent K; the quality is consistent and the price is good, it's weighed out in front of you; unlike other dealers. It's a consistent, square deal. Look, I don't know of anywhere else to go. Where the hell do you go; when you buy regular and need a place to purchase that you know will be open? And give you a straight deal with zero BS? Many dealers are just rip-off artists; faking bud quality, while handing one "shake" crap, then running for it! They know me down there, and I get along with them. I spend about $3,000-5,000 a year there.

    Where else do I go?

  2. I do want to say to you though, Agent K, watch what you say on this Blog, for your own good. The gang at the "Black Door" use the internets too, and they will not take kindly to someone, anyone, saying they should boycott a cash-cow like this one! You have no idea how many folks run thru there in a day, it's incredible. Fer sure; this is a way bigger business than some dude selling rock on a street-corner, this is a huge business! It rakes in the "normal" crowd, you see, University kids, young party-goers, straight Johns, the non-hard drug users; and they get their first "taste" of dealing with the bikers there. If that experience works out OK for them, as I admit it has worked for me, then maybe society takes an even easier line on Gangs, see? I mean, a guy says, "Hey, I just buy my grass there, and it's a straight-up operation, what's wrong with them guys?"

    Here you are targeting a specific operation of the 1%'ers, man....You just told us what happened when they even thought some guy was selling bags of pot from the BackPackers' Inn, so what do you think they would do about someone publicly demanding a boycott; or as much saying...the Police should shut this giant "Black Door" operation down? They have girlfriends, who can get your name, etc., from Shaw, or whoever your ISP is, you know that. Please be careful.

    I will make a serious claim here; someone in the VPD clearly KNOWS that this operation is huge and ongoing and they do nothing, zip! Why? Is someone corrupt?

    The only time the "Black Door" got shut down was for the Olympics, when it might look bad; for nothing more than Vancouver's PR. Then, all that happened was the VPD came & spoke to the guys and basically said, "Shut down for a while." As a valued regular, I talked to the guys, and was told come back in a few months; so I did, and now everything's running as smoothly as ever, openly. How can they run, unless the VPD is paid off; (sorry; but I got to say it), or else, the VPD focus is so much solely on the white powder, that they have completely given up, on even organized crime making huge cash openly off weed!

    Anyway, this trip is just one more example of the 1%'ers continuing take-over of the "non-Outlaw world" what used to be yer friendly neighbourhood pot dealer. What's next, the Cold Beer & Wine trade, the corner-stores? Why not?

  3. I’m in Surrey but if you’re in Vancouver you can always get if from the Wizard on Granville Street. I can appreciate what you’re saying but think of the global picture. If I buy tuna that’s not dolphin friendly it still tastes good and I get a good price. If I bought gas from Shell when they were supporting that dictator that was killing people in Nigeria I’d still get a good price for it but at who’s expense? The Hells Angels are killing a lot of people. Buying pot from them is supporting their violence. I suppose if I was in Vancouver I’d buy it anywhere but in East Van. I’d go to the Triads before I’d go to the HAs and I’m a cracker. How about the Caribbean brothers?

  4. Of course the VPD already know about this operation. Just like they already know about the crack dealers outside the Carnegie centre. I don’t know if it’s a matter of being corrupt or simply being overwhelmed. There’s a huge movement trying to legalize pot. Focusing all our police resources on eliminating pot is expensive and takes away from policing the hard drugs and the violent crime.

    You are right about it being another example of the HAs taking everything over. Like the contraband cigarette industry back east. The thing is, when they take over the whole industry and say no one else is allowed to sell then they are in reality stealing from everyone else. All those people living in poverty that could make a few bucks selling weed instead of crack are being robbed by the Hells Angels.

    As for the boycott, I doubt it will have any effect at all because as you say it’s a huge operation and people will go there simply because they can and they feel they get a fair deal. I’m just asking people to think about the ramifications of supporting that empire and what it means to the free world.

  5. Thank you for the comment, Agent K, you're dead on in your various observations about the continuing "Black Door" operation and its ramifications. People just don't realize the size of this trip. I could say more but even I'm worried about saying anything that might be used to ID me on here....

    Agent K: "There’s a huge movement trying to legalize pot. Focusing all our police resources on eliminating pot is expensive and takes away from policing the hard drugs and the violent crime."

    OK, I see your point, they only have so many officers, and I hear there's actually less than ever. Still, they could just walk in and shut it down (I guess they'd just re-open a few doors or blocks away) and the VPD just does not spend five minutes doing that.

    But you're right; I've got a personal choice to look around & I just do like most, & go where it's easiest and normal. OK, I'll check out this Wizard, (Granville's a big street to look for one guy tho) but I'd bet there's someone you don't like looking for him right now too. If he's relatively big & actually independent, you gotta worry someone's lookin' for the guy.... Take it easy, Agent K., you're OK.

  6. I agree the fact that the police let it operate is suspicious when they just asked them to shut it down during the Olympics and it was. Perhaps they agreed to shut it down during the Olympics because both sides thought that if the media caught wind of it, it would be bad for business so to speak.

    In Surrey the public expressed concerns about the police letting people smoke crack in public in some areas and the crime resulting from that practice. The police representative rationalized the practice by citing the revolving door judicial system. I think the police try to contain open drug use to certain areas. Right or wrong, the fact is, when then police allow open drug use, the money to be made is great.

    I remember reading during the Woodward’s squat the drug dealers were giving the squat a hard time because it was bad for their business. In Seattle many years ago I spoke with one cop there who was putting pressure on the crack dealers and was transferred behind a desk. He thought that transfer was suspicious.

  7. I’ve never met the Wizard, I’ve just heard about him. I was just told that on the yuppie side of the Granville strip it’s a different supplier. You make a very good point about buying from new dealers who rip people off. Cocaine gets stepped on and pot gets laced. One has to be very careful wherever they go. Buyer Beware.

  8. there are plenty of delivery drivers in van delivering much better weed than the black door but the place provides a much needed service. somebody is gonna do it.

    originally there were some Indo guys (minor gangsters) who used to sell above the Amsterdam when it was called something else. the current gangsters came in with baseball bats and handguns and said it's ours now. that's how the black market works, small guys get swallowed up by the bigger fish. corporations aren't much different just it's legal to do a hostile takeover.

    before the organized crew moved in, the streets were absolutely littered with scams and open dealing. the VPD do no want open dealing and scammers flooding that street causing fights and attention so basically don't care about the low key black door, since they keep the peace by disallowing any other dealers on that block way more effectively than the police could ever hope to do.

    the place is bust proof the way they've set it up, so raiding it is a waste of resources for a flimsy minor weed trafficking conviction. they only ever keep maybe 1/2 a pound in there at one time. that's instant probation, no court will even hear the case. if there are connected HA members in there they will never get a charge, one of the flunky doormen will cop to the small amount of weed and let everybody else walk.

    the recurring theme here is prohibition and how it fuels organized crime. al capone's crew all had to get new jobs once booze was legalized.

  9. I support the actions of the Black Door . As someone said before , they keep shady dealers off the street . Keeping the streets cleaner is a positive for vancouver and even the suburbs. I hate hate hate having to purchase marijuana from random people. It feels unsafe to say the least.I am curious , does a person just walk into the Black Door and ask for what ? "Can I buy some weed" ? ? Seems like they wouldn't want just any random person off the street coming in to the Black Door. Do you need a referal of somesort ?

  10. Hey man, you do need a referal...It's easy to get though...Just go to Victory Square and stand between the men and ladies bathroom stand there and have a smoke(CIG) and look for like a biker looking kind of a guy.Sometimes it takes up to like 10 min or so but well worth it.when you finally see him make sure you make eye contact(direct).
    The code word or phrase as it may be is to just say:"How much you looking for ?". He will say :"what" and you just repeat the question"How much you looking for ?" simple as that my friend...Just dont be stupid and act all weird or something you might spook him...Just act serious like your selling....Good luck friendz

  11. Bought off of craigslist once.. it was shitty weed from some white wash asian dude who looked like he should be at home with wifey and kids.

    Look. bottom line is that HA are businessmen. Why wouldn't they want a monopoly down there?? Some clueless transient kid in a hostel, are you kidding me? He obviously had no clue so they told him what time it was.

    And if I was the VPD, who would I want running it.. users and skids trying to make money to live and get high or businessmen that are interested in keeping things smooth?

  12. Haha.. guess I was trashing that Asian guy for selling his shitty weed on craigslist. It just struck me as odd. I'm sure there are way better, educated, asian gangsters out there. lol.

    But ya, having a grow op for anything more than personal use is in the realm of the underworld. And as you've been pointing out, HA is a large player in the underworld looking for growth. I'm not going to support their actions, it sucks that they are barbaric, sure. But now, when anyone is going to try to profit in this market they are going to run this risk of being ripped off.

    Same as mom&pops getting wiped out by walmart. HA is a multi-national that's been around for decades. I've studied business, I'm street smart.. can you not see that they are pushing the risk/reward factor for their competitors to new levels? Levels that will now make people reconsider going into these ventures. Perhaps open a little cafe with your 50k instead of starting up a grow-op? Less profit sure, but last I heard HA wasn't in the business of selling lattes.

    On the bright side though, is my strong belief.. regulation. Let's have huge multi-hectare outdoor fields guarded by mountains and security. Hydro set ups inside caves.. etc. This would be nirvana obviously, but do know that I support a better system.

  13. Walmart doesn't come into your home or in your face with a gun and say if you want to do business, you have to work for me. If Walmart undercuts someone that's free enterprise. Just like if I grow a few plants or sell pot, that is free enterprise. It's not a matter of the Hells Angels making it so that others can't compete or make a profit. They are using violence to prevent free enterprise from existing.

  14. Is Emery still locked up? He is either probably paying for protection to the HA or they have the ability to squeeze him directly through their network of incarcerated individuals. Not surprising Emery and his peers are intimidated by the HA in Vancouver.

    I know a ton of people that will not buy HA chronic out here in Alberta, people don't like them because they are mean!


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