Monday, February 14, 2011

Jason Hall and the Renegades

So how long has Jason Hall been president of the Prince George Renegades? Why did they kill Billy Moore anyways? Surely they didn't claim he was an informant. Just because he sponsored someone who turned out to be an informant doesn't mean he was. Sean Wolfe sponsored someone who turned out to be an informant. That doesn't make him one.

Jason Hall was convicted of trafficking pot which would confirm media reports that the Renegades, who are a Hells Angels puppet club in Prince George, primarily deal with pot and leave the cocaine for the finger puppet clubs they oversea for the Hells Angels namely the GTS, Independent Soldiers and the Crew.

Back in the day they used to say there has never been a Hells Angel convicted of a drug trafficking offense. Now a days, we're hard pressed to find a Hells Angel that hasn't been either convicted of drug trafficking or has done business with someone who has.

Jason's court order is rather amusing. He was selling to what he thought was an Asian gang. Which just goes to show you the Hells Angels are more than happy to sell to the Asian gangs as long as they're making the money from it.

They say there's a new dial a dope number you can call in Prince George. You won't get any weed but you sure will get a Dope. Happy VD LG. Ya Creep.


  1. Why do you think they killed Billy Moore?

  2. Who else could have? You mean motive? One source claims they punished him for sponsoring someone who turned out to be an informant. The claim that Billy Moore was an informant was nonsense.

  3. Whatever happened to the informant?

    1. There was no Informant! Billy was dealing with these two guys who were supposed to be from up North of BC (Fort St John) He was doing business with them for over a year or so,and finally he introduced him to his H.A Connections from Vancouver! Well they did big business with the Renegades and HA I mean buying hundreds of lbs of Pot even go to the grow operation Houses! Well both were undercover RCMP officers and they busted,Billy J. and Dave plus 3-4 HA guys from Vancouver! Well Billy was the one Introduced these guys and vouched for them!!!

  4. I'm not sure but William Moore's coacused Cedric Smith went missing:

  5. Somebody needs to talk to Billy D.
    Gil is the informant and from what I have heard is he is in witness protection and was dying of cancer. Good for the skinner piece of shit. He was bitter about getting booted out of the club for raping 2 hangarounds girlfriends. Thats why he rolled on everyone when the popo caught him with over a million in cash hid in the walls of his house while selling blow.


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