Sunday, February 6, 2011

Drug Dealer gets Five Years for Sexual Assault

Today's headline sounds frighteningly familiar to another with one important detail left out. It was reported today in the Vancouver Province as well as in the Maple Ridge Times that a drug dealer named Victor Joseph Reis, 42, was convicted in September of sexual assault and unlawful confinement with a weapon in connection with an incident that took place two years ago.

I'm not sure why it made the news today. Perhaps he was convicted last September but he wasn't sentenced until now. My point is, the incident happened two years ago and sounds a lot like a similar incident where a man viciously sexually assaulted a prostitute in Maple Ridge. I can't pull the names because the link to the article in the Vancouver Province on my blog post at the time has been completely removed from their archives.

There has been a publication ban on the name of the victim. That is totally understandable. Initially it was reported the victim was a prostitute. This time it was reported she was a crack and heroine addict. It could be two different cases but I find the location and the details to be extremely similar.

In the other case the Vancouver Province reported that the assailant told the victim that her husband owed money to the Hells Angels and should be fearful of his life. As I said then, just because someone says they are with the Hells Angels doesn't mean they are. However, if this guy really was selling drugs, it would be unlikely he was selling drugs for anyone but the Hells Angels since we have seen they get violent over that kind of thing. If he was selling drugs and if the victim or her husband had a drug debt to him, it could be very possible they had a drug debt to the Hells Angels if that is who he sold drugs for.

The other story as I said has been removed from the archives of the Vancouver Province. If anyone can find a copy of it on the Internet, please send me the link.It was published December 17, 2009. The Maple Ridge News published a similar article on 16 Sep 2010 entitled Drug Dealer Guilty of Rape.


Found it. The other case was Raymond Latreille not Victor Joseph Reis so they are clearly two different cases. The two seperate szexual assaults booth occurred in Maple Ridge durring the week of August 29 2008.

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