Friday, February 4, 2011

Seattle Police Brutality

Seattle had a town hall meeting about their police brutality last night where the people demanded the resignation of the police chief. They haven't just been beating civilians in unprovoked attacks they have been shooting them. Even though we complain about our system a lot we don't have to look very far to see someone who has it worse.

Sadly it appears their brutality problem is racial. At least that's not the case here. Here police will give a cracker the boots just as fast as anyone else. Sadly the Ottawa incident could have been racial. That's something we don't like to even consider let alone talk about. One would think society has evolved out of the stone age by now.

There was an interesting letter from one of the victims of police brutality in Seattle who survived. It references some of the corruption in their political system there. Shocking allegations indeed. One would think they were talking about a third world country not the US of A.

I remember speaking with a Seattle cop in the /80's when crack houses were all over south Seattle. He had been putting pressure on the crack dealers there and was transferred behind a desk. He thought his transfer was suspicious.

Is there another reason police in Vancouver let the Black Door and the crack dealers at the Carnegie centre stay in business? I don't know.


  1. AgentK. : "...and the crack dealers at the Carnegie centre stay in business?"

    I just thought I'd point out, Agent K, for you & any others' general edification, that the scene @ the Carnegie isn't really crack now. You could buy it there; but the crack dealers are now mostly a block west on Hastings, on to even the Grand Union which has its crowd of dealers. They feel heat @ the Carnegie; too exposed to the cameras there; so they've moved a bit; not much, but a block there is a big move. There's lots of heat @ the Carnegie so many dealers have moved on...I'll tell you who's moved in there, and it's the Hispanics, it's H. Mostly Hondurans & Guatemalans. That's Mexican Mafia, EME, whatever, organized all the way. Bad jail time and real hassles down South; so they're here instead, why not? They are street-rich, gold grills, good hats & clothes, bling, top phones, very together. The white guys @ the Corner are all individuals, not controlled, it's all pills, it's called "pill corner." The Corner now is for pills of whatever kind; Dilly 8's (morphine), T3's, mostly the forms of morphine pills. The H. powder is all in Hispanic hands. I went there for benzos. Now even the benzos. are in gang hands; they never used to be, just guys coming down on spec. to sell their scripts. Now everything is controlled; at least benzos. are. You got the runners, money guys, phones, etc., many moving away from the corner, because of the heat. Any serious deal won't be made @ the corner. The corner is shared by the Hispanics, who aren't ever bothered by the VPD and just deal openly; the pill-trade, outside of benzos., seems still mostly independent, like I say. Serious crack will be dealt west these days.

  2. Thanks for the update. I agree the crack dealers are all over the area but my primary concern is the Carnegie centre. I think the police should retake that landmark. As you say they’re still there. I drove by the other day and even though it’s all under renovations, the crack dealers were still there out front.

    I don’t believe they’re not connected to the Hells Angels. Salvatore Ciancio was tied directly to Tony Terezakis. These small groups might not advertise they’re with the Hells Angels but they have to get it from somewhere. If the Hells Angels are going to use violence to threaten a young kid selling pot in their neighborhood just down the street, then I find it very hard to believe that they aren’t the ones making sure it’s their product being sold outside the Carnegie centre.

  3. Yeah, OK, maybe so. But if its biker stuff, you're surely gonna see some of the wannabes coming 'round now & then to check up on trips. That never, ever happens @/near the Carnegie. But the "BD" op. is run by folks who are obvious wannabes, so no doubt there, see. Anyone associated w/gangs, bikers, stands out ten miles away, they got their skinhead & muscle uniform too eh?

    Maybe the DTES crack business is just so insulated from the bikers; who view the whole crack-head street-scene as very beneath their greatness, and it would be lowering themselves to be directly involved.

    A reporter got in touch with me, he wants me to take him down to where the meth. Pharmacy is handing out $10 bills every Friday and photo it and pop them publicly. I gotta get in touch with a guy who goes there and see what's up. But I warned the reporter; he don't know what he's messing with & we could both get shanked fast by the crack dealers cashing in in the back-alley where we'll go...

    We'll see; but I feel I gotta take out the Defender for this job:

    man's best friend sometimes ya know....

  4. Gotta love a pump action 12 gauge. Tell the reporter he might want to get the story then come back in the day time for pictures. The last thing you guys want is a flash going off in the DTES. He could even pull a picture up off google street view but I doubt he could use that one in the paper. It’s good they want to follow up on the story. Send me the link when it’s printed. As for the bikers and the crack, Tony Terezakis was pretty directly involved with the sale of crack as were the Zig Zag crew who paid the hells angels for protection so they could sell crack.


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