Friday, February 4, 2011

City of Vancouver gave the Hells Angels $2 million

I'm all for social housing. At fist glance the City of Vancouver buying the Drake hotel and turning it into social housing is a wonderful idea. But wait a minute. They bought it from the Hells Angels and they paid more than twice what it's worth. So once again money allotted for the poor in East Van goes straight into organized crime's pocket.

There are two separate issues on the table. The City bought an old hotel to turn into social housing, that is a good thing. Them buying it from a criminal organization is not a good thing. Neither is paying that criminal organization more than twice it's worth. From the outside it looks like the City just paid the Hells Angels a $2 million bribe.

That's $2 million of taxpayers money. That's $2 million of tax money earmarked for social housing that just went up in smoke. Corruption or a mistake? Your guess is as good as mine. Regardless of it being a mistake, that is a huge amount of money. Which brings us back to the proceeds of crime.

East Vancouver President John Bryce was the registered owner of the Drake hotel. Where are the financial records showing how he or how his organization made that much money to own that hotel?

Kinda like the Giles Remple case in Kelowna. David Giles was caught on a wiretap stating that Revelle made him $30,000.oo in several months. Giles' lawyer said that only proves Revelle worked for Giles. OK, if Revelle worked for Giles what did he do to earn that kind of money if the cocaine the police seized had nothing to do with it? Where are the financial records showing what legitimate business venture they are involved in that earns that kind of money in that short a period of time?


  1. I'm not surprised at this USA undercover Agent's complaint about BC's leniency towards the Hell's Angels:

    VANCOUVER — The Hells Angels are an international crime syndicate who try to cover up their vicious criminal history with their “massive propaganda machine,” says an American police officer who infiltrated the notorious biker gang."

    "And Jay (Bird) Dobyns said it is surprising that Hells Angels in B.C. have not been declared a criminal organization by the province’s courts, despite attempts by prosecutors to get that designation."

    “Yes, it is surprising,” Dobyns said of the B.C. Angels’ court victories."

    “These guys are a criminal franchise. They are an international crime syndicate. And if we are just going to go to them for the explanation of who they are, then you are going to get the whitewash. That’s what they do. But their history and their track record and the crimes they have committed and the viciousness of them and the proliferation of their crimes, they don’t get to step away from that.”

    A real problem. We citizens know we must crack down; and its hard to believe that over 90% of citizens wouldn't support such moves against the HA. But as Agent K has documented, so many times before, the Judges here are personally responsible for their easy-going decisions re. the HA, that then affect all of us who don't break the law.

    I've seem the TV documentary on this Agent's (Bird's), "Project Black Biscuit" which unfortunately had only limited success against the HA. Problems prosecuting the Hells Angels are not confined to BC.

  2. I had missed this comment. It is interesting the US police officer talked about BC’s complacency towards the Hells Angels. It’s unfortunate Operation Black Biscuit was cut short. They kind of figured him out right when he got his patch which meant his ability to document the real crime was somewhat limited. Sonny Barger was connected to Otis Garret. That is shameful.

  3. Hmm, I worked at the Drake, and this was a very well oiled, well run Machine. Darcy Taylor was a respectable owner at the time of my employ both at the Drake and the Fraser arms. I was one of his dj's and I have to say nothing went on in his venues but showgirls dancing and stunning waitresses serving drinks and food.

    He was a no BS type individul with high expectations from his staff and commanded equal respect to his pristine venues from his loyal patrons bikers, white or blue collar class work force it did not matter, be social, enjoy the entertainment, no fighting and respect the facility thats it.

    You are sorrily mislead as these venues brought in excellent revenue and all above board.

    However, Good for the city in looking forward to creating a social housing project and the very best of luck with that.

    Dj Gregrrr

  4. I don't share your enthusiasm. The Vancouver Sun reported that the Drake hotel was owned by the Hells Angels when the city of Vancouver bought it from them. The City of Vancouver gave them $2 million more than it was worth. Which means once again money was stolen from social housing and given to organized crime.


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