Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christy Clark takes Liberal leadership

So Christy Clark is in. She was the only candidate that had a hope in hell of saving the doomed liberals. Kevin Falkner was a Campbell Clone. Unfortunately, I'm afraid a fresh new face won't change the entire party that embraced Campbell's brazen defiance of the public interest.


  1. So we just change Premiers here with no election? Who in hell voted for Ms. Clark to be Premier? It's so goddamn un-democratic, I can't believe it. If the Premier just walks away under any circumstance, doesn't there have to be an election to decide the next one? Just askin' amazement.

  2. She was likely the best candidate they had. It’s like if a President resigns the VP takes over. The Liberals were elected so they chose a new leader. There will likely be an election soon. She needs to trash the HST.


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