Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ryan Chiappie IS...

So what is Ryan Chiappie? Jay Hall's best friend, Leader of the Independent Soldiers in PG, or just another MMA fighter? One thing's for sure, those aren't cauliflower ears, they're freakin elephant ears.


  1. wtf you have no actual info on someone so you have to critisize their appearance. you are a hack journalist who obviously couldn't keep a job, or a life. Maybe gather the facts before trying to tear someone else down.

  2. Is Ryan not a member of the Independent Soldiers? Does this photo not show him with Hells Angels associates? Does he not have very large ears? Please advise.

  3. agent k, get ahold of me ASAP, I got the answers ur looking for.

  4. Those Associates are:
    Ryan Sept: Full Patch WROCK
    Rob Velek: Full Patch White Rock

  5. Interesting, thanks. So who burned down Joey Arrance’s tattoo shop and his girlfriend’s mother’s house with her mother inside?


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