Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lunar New Year

Happy New Year Vancouver. Time to get out there and celebrate our diversity as the Tiger concedes to the Rabbit for a new year that is upon us.

Perhaps we need a few more drums and a few more firecrackers to chase away all the evil spirits that have been haunting us. 2009 saw a spike in the gang violence. 2010 saw a drop in murders but it certainly continued. Unfortunately the drop in murders wasn't a result of less crime, it was a result of one side winning leaving the rest to be oppressed by the Big Red Machine.

My predictions for 2011 are simple: More lies, more denial and more betrayal all driven by unbridled greed. A wild fire that is consuming our province. Just what has our society become? It's sad when people are more outraged when someone cuts down a tree or kicks a dog then they are about human life.

If the Hells Angels went into Stanley Park and started clear cutting the trees there, Vancouver would riot. Why then do we turn a blind eye when they cut down human life? What happened to our social conscience?

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