Monday, February 14, 2011

Team Giles vs Team Bryce

Well it looks like Team Giles made page 25 of icon Okanagan Lifestyle Magazine. Speaking of Skeletor, the whole beef with him and Bryce reminds me of that stupid Twilight saga. Team Jacob versus Team Edward. Edward, Like who's gonna root for a femmie looking vampire anyways? Team Jacob all the way.

Clearly, John Bryce's supporters are Team Jacob. Hey, that's not a dogie, that's a chupacabra! Team Giles supporters are obviously Team Edward. You can tell by the way they all get their eyebrows done at Meryl Normans.

Let's see who gets screwed next by Team Giles. The casualties are sure adding up. Lies and Greed.


  1. What beef? Got any details?
    How many of those unsolved murders are linked to Giles directly, and not the Hells Angels generally?? Any of them?

    Need a few more details...
    HA are pro expansion. Just because they set up a chapter in Kelowna, doesn't mean that Bryce and Giles are in conflict.

  2. True but ya gotta admit there are two types of Hells Angels now. One is the rough and tumble John Punko Juel Stanton type and the other is the plastic roid monkey with the Meryl Norman eyebrows and man purse. One source claimed that the beef has to do with a disclosure that showed Giles was hiding things from Bryce which they claim created a rift so to speak. We know that Stanton was murdered. Getting a hold of the disclosure might explain why.

    How many of those unsolved murders are linked to Giles directly? I don’t know for sure but let’s face it, no prospect, associate or member does anything without permission from the club and Giles is clearly a backroom leader pulling people’s strings. I’d say he’d know about if not have direct involvement in any Hells Angel murder in Kelowna which would include Britney and Geoff.

    I’m not saying he ordered the hit like Dale Habib was charged with in the Kuntz murder but none of those murders could have been done without his knowledge or permission. Ya gotta remember Giles was tied to the original Lennoxville massacre. If he didn’t know about it before hand, he sure embraced it because his career went with the organization and the Vancouver chapter received the spoils of war from that massacre as hush money.

    Giles appears to be the kinda guy who likes to control things but likes to save his own ass. Just as Revel and Rempel. Giles doesn’t hold positions like President or Sergeant at Arms, but he likes to control everything from behind the scenes. I knew a guy like that once. He was a snake in the grass weasel that would stab you in the back in a heartbeat. Think about it, who was Giles seen talking to the day Stanton was murdered and how did he know so much about why Stanton was murdered? Stanton was just one in a long list of Hells Angels related murders that Giles had to have known about before hand if not been directly involved in. Where was he in the Vancouver Christmas of /95?

  3. It will interesting to see what Revell gets for payment from Giles now that he seems to be back in Kelowna.


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