Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Credibility of Gary Webb

When a court of law receives evidence by way of testimony of witnesses, the opposing party embarks on a campaign to destroy the credibility of that witness. If they can create the impression that the witness is not credible, then all the damning evidence that witness has against their client will be thrown out of court and not be taken seriously. How much more so will the Administration use the media to assassinate an activists character.

Years ago people accused Dr. Martin Luther King of being a Communist. Upon hearing that allegation I shook my head and said, he was a Baptist Minister. One of the biggest fears of Communism is the creation of a Marxist Leninist Atheist State. They ban religion and the freedom of the press. Yet Martin Luther King was a religious leader. Not to say that the likes of Castro hasn't used Christian Marxists to accomplish his goal of establishing a State that bans religion, it's just that the idea of Martin Luther King being labeled a Communist because he had a dream that the US Constitution would be actually practiced was somewhat absurd.

Take a look at the huge amount of animosity and opposition the Dixie Chicks encountered for simply expressing an opinion. One of them made a comment at a concert that they were ashamed George Bush was from Texas, their home State. It really was a no brainer. On the International landscape George Bush was the most hated U.S. president in recorded history easily surpassing that of Nixon. Iraq was invaded for their oil. There were no Weapons of Mass destruction and 9/11 had nothing to do with that invasion. They said they were going in to find WMD and they didn't find any. Then they said Mission Accomplished after they took over their oil.

Nevertheless, you would have thought that the Dixie Chicks had committed treason with their simple comment. Republicans went on a rampage to destroy them. Burning their cd's, banning their music from the radio to death threats. The opposition they faced in what we were told was a free country was absolutely astounding. Their song Not Ready to make Nice was a powerful response to that evil.

Gary Webb was not the the first reporter to break the news of the CIA's involvement with crack cocaine. Many years earlier Bob Parry ran the story about the findings of the Kerry Committee. Parry claimed the Administration tried to kill him metaphorically. They tried to destroy his credibility and they successfully buried the story.

The Kerry Committee had clearly established the CIA's involvement with drugs for guns supporting the Contras in Central America. They found evidence of Manuel Noriega's involvement with drugs years before the invasion.

I would like to make one thing clear. Although George Bush Senior was Director of the CIA at a time when the Agency was accused of smuggling cocaine, the whole concept of the CIA and drugs has nothing to do with Republican versus Democrat. Bill Clinton helped cover up Mena. He was Governor of Arkansas during the Barry Seal operation there. Clinton supported that crooked corner Fahmy Malak who knowingly falsified death reports and destroyed evidence claiming various murders were suicides. President Johnston was just as evil as anyone in the Bush Administration.

Yet Gary Webb wasn't a witness, he was a reporter. A very credible one at that who documented everything in his book Dark Alliance. It is not unlawful to tell the truth. All the rage and denial will not change that.

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  1. Of course Dr. Martin Luther King was not a Communist. How could a man of God be a heartless Communist aetheist?

    However that is not quite the whole story. The CPUSA was a large organization at one time and contained many "progressive" activists in the USA. At least one of these infiltrated the King anti-racism campaign, and was actively advising Dr. King, without his knowledge that the man was a CP member. FBI Director Hoover showed the Attorney General of the USA at the time, Robert F. Kennedy, the file on this man. The Kennedys were already behind Dr. King's movement, and were deeply concerned that this knowledge would become public, probably through a Hoover leak.

    RFK talked to Dr. King personally, and urged him to fire his advisor. Dr. King did as he was asked and got rid of this one Communist, a white guy. Actually, the Communists had a pretty good record of supporting black causes of equality and anti-racism. However, as always, the Communists have ulterior motives for everything, and only do things for their own ends. That was the sole extent of Communist involvement with Dr. King, which as one can see, wasn't much.


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