Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Judge issues stop order on NSA surveillance

The Vancouver Province is reporting that a U.S. judge has ruled the National Security Agency's indiscriminate, bulk seizure of Americans' telephone records is "almost certainly" unconstitutional and has issued a preliminary injunction to stop the highly controversial surveillance program.

It was clearly unconstitutional and clearly illegal so I'm not sure what a court injunction will do. Other than make it easier to send them to jail if they keep doing it. Yet they should be charged and imprisoned right now. What they did was illegal. They should go to jail and Snowden should be exonerated. It really is that simple. As I've said before, the fact that the NSA has not gone to jail for their criminal activity and the fact that Obama has broken his oath to defend the Constitution while he tries to incarcerate Snowden for telling the truth is a bizarre saga from the Twilight Zone.

When you think about it, the wire taping civil case in England is winding it's way through the courts. Murdoch's News Agency was wiretapping everyone under the sun illegally with the help of Scotland Yard and the local government. Now we hear that Angelina Jolie is suing them in the States for taping her phone and they are trying to have that adjourned to a British kangaroo court with the others. Yet she was living in the states when her phone was tapped. The point is that illegal activity is being confronted in the civil courts while the NSA and Canada's CSEC is not. That is a huge concern for everyone. The NSA and CSEC need to be charged criminally.


  1. Too many to incarcerate perhaps. That’s why we have to go further up the chain of command and make someone accountable just like Watergate. If that means Obama and Harper goes to jail, so be it. Someone has to for breaking the law and violating the constitution otherwise the Constitution becomes meaningless.

  2. It's a play on words, "Too big to fail" which was said about all the financial institutions who received government bailouts a few years back.

    We don't do "accountable" these days, as anyone can easily see. There is no argument that we should, but we don't. Heck, kids get trophies just for participating, just so no one's fragile psych is damaged by the knowledge that they are not the best. We have decades of the example being made to all who are paying attention that police brutality, public theft, and various offenses by public officials that easily qualify as treason can be indulged without serious fear of consequence.

    Time to thin the herd. "Paging Mother Nature, please pick up the white courtesy phone"......

    1. I so agree with your point of view..

      We should, Good People know that WE ALL SHOULD DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASON,
      but it's not happening since the Government itself is the Worst & Biggest Bully of All across the Board, across our Country from East 2 West.

      Democracy has been Dead for a long time now, We All missed the Obituary and the Funeral.

      Our Corporate Paid Media is bought and paid for by Corrupt Politicians and Greedy Corporations, so they make sure the Lies will be spewed out and spread like Wild Fire and unfortunately they stick to the majority of our Canadians regardless of age, our Society has become addicted to Lies and BS as its sounds like Music to their unsatisfied Egos,
      in my humble opinion.

      Trailrunner78 is right on when he says, heck we give Kids trophies for just being there....

      Everybody today is Afraid of the Truth and Honesty,
      eg. Little Johnny is acting up in School almost every day and bullies the other Kids, but after an assignment for example (pre-school etc.) little Johnny will get a Ribbon so his Feelings wouldn't be hurt, even though he didn't participate...

      Here is where we start brainwashing our Kids and failing them big time, praise the one that did something good, but don't give the child that has done the opposite an "honorable mention" just so his feeling won't be hurt.

      This is simple WRONG, parents have an obligation to teach their Children Right from Wrong, so do the Teachers, but our teachers have no more power, it's all manipulated and orchestrated by the administration which leads back to the Government.

      We are being Ruled, we are NOT BEING GOVERNED.

      My Canada has nothing but let me down and insulted me for the last few years, I can honestly say, I am one heck of a disappointed Canadian.

      Evil Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing

      Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Healthy New Year

      Maggie Bernet

  3. The U.S. government believes and has always believed that the constitution applies to the people not the government to quote the movie pirates of the Caribbean. It's not a code it's more of a guideline really. Tongue firmly in cheek

  4. I find it instructive that you single out the USG when anyone with a lick of sense knows that basically all governments do that, it's more a question of degree and specific instance than anything else. At the same time, I am not surprised that you do so, there's always been a latent streak of anti-Americanism among many Canadians based in a blend of leftist outlook, bigotry, hypocrisy, supposed moral superiority, or even just simple jealousy. Remember MP Carolyn Parrish's comment, "Damn Americans, I hate those bastards" ? Pretty strong stuff.

    Americans joke that half the people in a "death to America" parade would cutout their own mother's heart with a dull spoon in exchange for a green card, and it's funny because it's true.

    While things have been taken to new lows under the current administration (hence the post we are commenting on) the fact of the matter is still that the US, Canadian, and other governments of western and northern European countries, while not immune from human nature and the nature of the kind of folks who seek power, are miles ahead of governments anywhere else in the world. It's not even debatable.

  5. I guess the point is that the USG along with the NSA and the CIA have become everything they claim to oppose. Hence the violation of the US Constitution and everything it stands for in their quest to "preserve" it.

  6. Agreed.

    I would just say that none of the guilty parties truly wishes to preserve the Constitution, but they have to say they do as this will protect them from the masses of fools out there who will continue to disbelieve what is being DONE as long as they SAY they are not doing it, or their intentions are different, etc., whereas if they were to SAY they wanted the Constitution changed, that would greatly increase the resistance to their plans. "Two steps forward then one step back, that's the method of our attack." Classic Socialist revolutionary tactics right out of Mao and Lenin's playbooks.

    To put this another way, many things can be done in plain sight as long as they say, "we're not doing that" at the same time. Stupid I know, but stupid is the definition of large groups of people. "Crowd psychology" and all that.

    Merry Christmas folks.

  7. NSA and CSEC need some kind of oversight structure that can prevent this kind of thing.

    these are secret organizations that have committed crimes. they should have some charges coming at them like, conspiracy to commit and indictable offence (illegal surveillance), gangsterism (performing a criminal act for the betterment of an organized group), and that is just for starters.

    its a shame that they are trying to persecute Mr.Snowden for doing the right thing. I fear they will simply wait until his name is well out of the news and public eye and then he will have an accident or get snatched up.

    as far as the courts ordering the surveillance to stop, good luck with that. they will simply say that they have, maybe show them destroying their primary system that does this and then when the public is satisfied they will just use the backup system or create a new primary system with a different project name and claim that they are squeaky clean. sadly we wont even know unless another person as brave as Mr.Snowden stands up and says its continuing. its a shame when you cant trust your own government any more.


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